Best business card scanning apps

Business cards are still commonplace in the traditional networking and business world, though admittedly we are becoming more technology focussed.

One way that you can combine the two is to use a business card scanning app that allows you to scan the card and store its data immediately.

This is essential for organising your company cards after meetings, as this can help us save time and retain the important card information.

What apps should you consider if you’re looking to scan business cards and save their data for later? We’re going to check out some of the best business card scanner apps you can use.


Evernote is an innovative notes management application that gives users the ability to take notes – but actually, the app has much more to offer than just this.

Evernote also has one of the best business card scanner apps, which makes it very easy to scan a business card and save all of the details of the business onto your phone very quickly. This app is capable of recognising business cards in fifteen languages too.

It lets you review and modify your contacts as you upload them to the app. The scanning can be completed instantly, and you can integrate the app with third parties like Google Drive, which makes things even easier.

It can also be used with Salesforce CRM applications too, though the lack of integrations is probably what will put some users off of using Evernote.

However, for the average user that needs a simple way to store their business card information by using a quick scanner app, Evernote is our number one choice. Read: Full Evernote Review.

ABBYY Business Card Reader

Another great way to manage the contact information you’re acquiring from network events is ABBYY.

The app allows users to quickly scan and manage their business cards, and it can support 25 languages.

It can also read two languages on the same card, which can also come in handy on occasion too.

It’s great for iPhone users as the app stores all contact information and copies it to your other devices, so you can easily get them from your mobile messages, iPad, Apple watch or elsewhere.

The app also creates a social profile of the card holder too, which you can then send easily via an e-mail to other people in your team. It’s also easy to use the app to perform a smart search on LinkedIn or Facebook if you want to find the card owner later.

ABBYY uses autocompletion of address to make the whole process quicker, along with an integrated QR code sharing feature that makes scanning business cards and sending them to others easy.

If you want a more advanced card scanner app, we recommend that you check out ABBYY as the top choice.

L-Card Pro

L-Card Pro is one of the best business card scanner apps for creating custom digital business cards, but there’s actually a lot more to the app than that.

At its simplest, L-Card Pro allows you to create business cards on a computer. However, it’s actually a full card management software that makes it really easy to manage contacts at scale.

L-Card is a full solution – this means that as well as being a business card scanner app, you can also create custom cards from within the platform, tweak it on your laptop, add your email signature then share it through all of your social media networks.

You can recrop each card after you scan it, and you can then favourite the card or file it away in your library.

Using L-Card Pro with the option to design and distribute an integrated card for multiple channels is a good idea for many small businesses or medium sized businesses too.


The CamCard is a quick card scanning program that is easy to operate and offers another simple solution for card scanning. CamCard reads and then stores all the contact infomration on business cards easily from any mobile device.

What makes this app appeal to some will be the ability to use it on mobile, without having to connect it to your computer.

As well as this, the app reads cards in 16 languages, and there’s a free plan that’s good enough to get started.

You can easily integrate the app woth customers data and contact information from Salesforce and a variety of other CRMs. CamCard provides another simple way to access scanning business cards and their data quickly without needing to be complex.


There are many options to scan your business cards, and it can be hard to know which one to plump for when using these scanners as they can all be very similar.

These apps eliminates manual entry of business card data that you accrue whilst networking, and they allow for seamless transferring of contact information from a phone various other platforms, from CRM to simple exports.

In general, the best business card scanning app in this category does depend on what exactly you’re looking for.

For the basics, Evernote is our preferred option and the app has more than enough to keep most users happy.

Though for something more advanced, you could consider ABBYY. Despite being more costly and less functional than some other business card scanning apps, ABBY is a great app.

It has the ability to scan business cards in 25 languages, making easy scanning and transferring contacts pretty simple.

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