How To Unarchive WhatsApp Chat: Mobile & Desktop Guide

One of the best things about WhatsApp is that you have a quick and easy way to unarchive a chat, meaning you can easily locate all of your lost messages in no time.

Whether it’s an important conversation with a colleague or a chat with family, this simple guide will help you unarchive any chats that you’ve previously archived.

Unarchiving a WhatsApp Chat on Desktop/Browser

The first step to unarchiving a WhatsApp chat is to access the archived conversation. This can be done through your desktop browser or mobile application, whichever you prefer.

On your desktop browser, log into your WhatsApp account and select ‘Chats’ from the menu bar at the top of the screen. Here you will find all of your chats, including those that have been archived.

To view an archived conversation simply click on it and it will open up in its own window.

Once you have located and accessed an archived conversation, there are two methods for unarchiving it depending on whether or not you want to keep this chat active permanently or just temporarily reactivate it for a limited time period.

If you wish to keep the chat active permanently then simply press the three dots menu icon next to their name in your contact list and select ‘Unarchive’ from within this menu option.

If however, you only wish to reactivate it for a limited time period, then click on ‘Archive’ again once inside of this same three dot menu icon – which will deactivate after 24 hours unless re-activated by clicking Archive again before these 24 hours elapse.

Enjoying Your Unarchived Conversation

Once successfully unarchived either temporarily or permanently, you can enjoy chatting with whomever was initially part of that particular conversation.

From here forward, any messages sent back-and-forth between yourself and them will remain visible until/unless they are manually deleted by either party involved.

Alternatively, you may also add other contacts onto said group thread as well.

Unarchiving a WhatsApp Chat on Mobile

When using WhatsApp, it can be incredibly useful to archive chats with friends and family.

However, if you ever want to access those archived messages again, it’s important to know how to unarchive them. Fortunately for Android users, this process is relatively straightforward and simple.

The first step when attempting to unarchive a chat on an Android phone is accessing the main ‘Chats’ page within the app itself.

This can usually be done by tapping the green speech bubble icon at the bottom of your device’s screen – in some cases however, this button may look slightly different depending on what version of WhatsApp you are running.

Once inside Chats, simply swipe down from the top of your display which will reveal any archived conversations stored away out of sight.

Next up is selecting whichever chat needs re-opening – after doing so they should now appear amongst all other active discussions in Chats as normal once more.

If desired, these newly revived chats can also be pinned right at the top too, which ensures that they remain visible even when scrolling through numerous other ongoing conversations.

Overall archiving chats via WhatsApp on an android device isn’t complicated, but equally requires certain steps being followed correctly order get job done properly each time round.

How to Archive or Unarchive Multiple Chats at Once in WhatsApp

If you’re like most people, your WhatsApp chat list is growing steadily. You may have conversations that are no longer active but still take up space on the main page.

If this is the case, archiving chats can help keep your conversations organized and manageable.

Fortunately, archiving multiple chats at once in WhatsApp is easy. First, open up your app and head to the main chat list view.

Once there select multiple conversation threads by tapping on each thread while maintaining pressure until a checkmark appears next to it.

When you have selected all of the desired threads simply hit ‘Archive’ at the top right hand corner of the screen or bottom depending on whether you’re using an iPhone or Android device respectively.

This will promptly remove them from view and store them away for later reference if needed.

It’s important to note that archived chats won’t be deleted; rather they’ll just be tucked away out of sight so as not to clutter your main page with old messages that might otherwise never get read again anyway.

That said though, if ever you wish to bring back any archived conversations just tap ‘unarchive’ found in either same spot where archive was found previously- doing so will instantly restore those threads into view within seconds!

Unarchiving Chats

The process for unarchiving chats is fairly similar – first open up WhatsApp and locate ‘Chats Archived’ tab located near bottom (iPhone) or side (Android).

Once clicked upon a whole new window should appear showcasing all those stored away conversations waiting patiently for retrieval.

Selecting one or more can then proceed per usual: press down onto each thread until check mark appears next it then choose ‘unarchive’ option either via upper right hand corner (iPhone) / lower left side (Android).

Doing so should immediately add chosen conversation(s) back into normal chat list rotation without need further input/interaction whatsoever!


In conclusion, while retrieving archived conversations can certainly provide many benefits by helping users keep track of past discussions, there are some drawbacks worth taking into consideration too.

Ultimately, it’s the ability to retrieve older chats is extremely useful if you’re worried you may need a chat again at a later date. This means that you may not want to delete WhatsApp messages, instead preferring to archive the chat to revisit at a later date.

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