How to Turn Fitbit Off – Short Guide

Fitbit devices have become a household name for fitness enthusiasts and individuals aiming to lead a healthier lifestyle.

These wearable devices monitor various aspects of one’s daily activities, including steps taken, calories burned, heart rate, and sleep patterns.

As with any electronic device, there may come a time when you need to turn it off, whether for conserving battery or simply taking a break.

This comprehensive guide walks you through the steps to power off your Fitbit seamlessly.

How to Turn Fitbit Off: Step-by-Step Instructions

Turning off a Fitbit device might seem straightforward. However, the process can slightly differ depending on the specific model you own. Here’s a general guide to help you navigate the shutdown process:

  1. Navigate to the device’s main screen. This is typically where you’ll find the time displayed.
  2. Swipe through the menu options until you locate the ‘Settings’ icon. It’s commonly represented by a gear symbol.
  3. Within the ‘Settings’, search for an option labeled ‘Shutdown’, ‘Power Off’, or something similar.
  4. Tap on this option. A prompt might appear asking for confirmation.
  5. Confirm the action, and your Fitbit should power down shortly.

Note: Some older Fitbit models, like the Fitbit Flex, don’t have a screen or an option to shut down. For such devices, you might need to let the battery drain out or reset the device to power it off.

Why Would You Want to Turn Off Your Fitbit?

Understanding the reasons behind turning off your Fitbit can provide clarity and ensure that you’re making the most of your device.

Battery Conservation

Even though Fitbit devices boast impressive battery life, there are instances where you might need to conserve energy. Turning it off during periods of non-use, such as while sleeping (if you don’t use the sleep tracking feature) or during activities where it’s not needed, can significantly extend its battery life.

Device Reset

At times, like many electronic devices, your Fitbit might encounter glitches or lag. Turning the device off and then back on can serve as a basic troubleshooting step, resolving minor software hiccups.

Taking a Break

For those who become overly reliant or obsessed with tracking every step or calorie, taking a break can be beneficial. Turning off your Fitbit can help you focus on enjoying activities without the pressure of hitting specific metrics.

Things to Remember Before Turning Off Your Fitbit

Before you decide to shut down your device, here are some crucial points to keep in mind:

  • Data Sync: Ensure that all your data has been synchronized with the Fitbit app or dashboard. This will prevent any loss of information and allow you to pick up where you left off once you turn the device back on.
  • Charging: If you’re turning off the device to conserve battery, consider charging it while it’s off. This way, it’ll be fully juiced up and ready for action when you decide to use it again.
  • Alarms: If you use your Fitbit as an alarm, remember to turn it back on before you sleep. Otherwise, you might miss your wake-up call!


Understanding how to turn Fitbit off is essential for every user. While these devices are designed for continuous use, there are valid reasons to give them a rest occasionally.

Whether it’s to save battery, reset the device, or merely take a mental break, knowing the steps ensures you maintain control over your Fitbit experience.

Remember to regularly sync your data, keep your device charged, and enjoy the myriad of benefits your Fitbit offers.

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