How To Trick Your Pokemon Go Pedometer: Step-By-Step Tactics

In the world of mobile gaming, “Pokemon Go” has established itself as a phenomenon that blends the digital and physical realms.

A significant aspect of this augmented reality game involves players moving around in the real world to catch Pokemon, hatch eggs, and visit PokeStops.

The game uses a pedometer to track player movement, which is crucial for many in-game activities. However, sometimes players look for ways to bypass this physical activity requirement.

This article delves into various methods and considerations for tricking the Pokemon Go pedometer, providing a comprehensive guide for those looking to enhance their gaming experience without the need for extensive physical movement.

Understanding the Pedometer Mechanics in Pokemon Go

Before attempting to trick the pedometer in Pokemon Go, it’s essential to understand how it works.

The game uses the GPS and motion sensors on your mobile device to track distance traveled. This data is then used for various in-game tasks like hatching eggs and earning Buddy candies.

GPS and Motion Sensor Integration

The integration of GPS and motion sensors allows the game to accurately measure the distance you travel.

This technology ensures that the game can distinguish between actual movement and stationary shaking of the device.

Limitations and Challenges

There are limitations to this technology. GPS tracking can sometimes be inaccurate, especially in areas with poor signal or dense urban settings.

Similarly, motion sensors might not always accurately capture every step you take, especially at slower speeds or when the device is not on your person.

How To Trick Your Pokemon Go Pedometer

Tricking the Pokemon Go pedometer involves simulating movement without physically traveling the required distances. There are several methods to achieve this, each with its own set of challenges and considerations.

Using a Turntable or Rotating Platform

A popular method involves placing your phone on a turntable or rotating platform. This creates the illusion of movement for the pedometer.

The rotation should be slow to mimic walking pace and avoid detection by the game’s cheat detection algorithms.

Employing a Rocking Technique

Another approach is to use a rocking technique. This can be done by attaching your phone to a ceiling fan or a rocking chair. The consistent back-and-forth motion can trick the pedometer into recording distance.

Advantages and Disadvantages

While these methods can effectively trick the pedometer, they come with risks.

Excessive or unnatural movements can trigger the game’s anti-cheat mechanisms, potentially leading to account warnings or bans.

Additionally, these techniques require constant monitoring to ensure the device’s safety and avoid damage.

Alternative Methods to Maximize In-Game Movement

For those seeking to maximize their in-game movement without resorting to tricking the pedometer, there are several legitimate strategies to consider.

Engaging in Group Activities

Participating in group activities, such as community events or Raid Battles, can be a fun and effective way to cover more ground.

These events often involve moving to different locations, which naturally increases your step count.

Exploring New Areas

Exploring new areas can not only be exciting but also beneficial for your in-game progress.

Visiting different neighborhoods or parks can lead to encounters with rare Pokemon and new PokeStops, all while accumulating distance.

Benefits of Authentic Play

Playing the game as intended offers several benefits. It promotes physical activity, enhances the gaming experience, and fosters a sense of community among players.

Moreover, it ensures that you remain within the game’s terms of service, avoiding any risk of penalties.


While there are methods to trick the Pokemon Go pedometer, players should weigh the risks and ethical considerations before attempting them.

Exploring alternative, legitimate ways to maximize in-game movement can offer a more fulfilling and risk-free gaming experience.

Remember, the essence of Pokemon Go lies in exploration and physical activity, and embracing these aspects can lead to a more rewarding adventure in the world of Pokemon.

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