How To Get Shedinja In Pokemon Go: The Ultimate Guide

Catching Shedinja in Pokémon GO is a unique experience unlike any other.

This Pokémon, known for its ghost/bug typing and just 1 HP, has captivated players’ hearts since its introduction in the main series games.

In Pokémon GO, getting Shedinja involves more than just a regular encounter in the wild.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the entire process, ensuring that by the end, you’ll have all the knowledge needed to add this special Pokémon to your collection.

Understanding Shedinja’s Unique Nature

Before diving into the process of acquiring Shedinja, it’s crucial to understand what makes this Pokémon so unique.

Shedinja is known for its 1 HP characteristic and its ability to survive any hit that is not super effective or does not involve status conditions, thanks to its Wonder Guard ability in the main series games.

However, in Pokémon GO, the mechanics work a bit differently, and Shedinja is treated more like a regular Pokémon with standard HP and vulnerabilities.

The Evolution of Nincada

To get Shedinja in Pokémon GO, you first need to have a Nincada.

Nincada is a bug/ground-type Pokémon that evolves into Ninjask when it reaches level 20 in the main series games, and you also get a Shedinja if you have an extra space in your party and a PokéBall in your bag.

In Pokémon GO, Nincada can be found in the wild, though it’s quite rare.

It’s also available through Field Research tasks, so keep an eye on your research tasks to increase your chances of encountering one.

The Role of Research Tasks

Research Tasks in Pokémon GO are missions that players can complete to earn rewards, and Nincada has been featured in these tasks, making it a viable way to acquire this elusive Pokémon.

By completing specific Field Research tasks, you can earn a Nincada encounter, and subsequently, work your way towards getting Shedinja.

Acquiring Shedinja Through Evolution

In Pokémon GO, Shedinja is not acquired through evolution in the traditional sense.

Instead, it has been available through the Research Breakthrough reward. To earn a Research Breakthrough, you need to complete at least one Field Research task per day for seven days.

Once you’ve achieved this, you’ll have a chance to encounter a special Pokémon, and in some instances, this has been Shedinja.

Maximizing Your Chances

While Nincada and Shedinja are not available in Pokémon GO all the time, there are ways to maximize your chances of getting them when they are.

Participate in events, stay up-to-date with the game’s news and updates, and consistently complete your Field Research tasks.

This proactive approach ensures that when Shedinja becomes available, you’ll be ready.

Understanding Shedinja’s Role in Battles

Shedinja’s unique nature and typing make it a fascinating Pokémon to use in battles.

While it may not be the most powerful or versatile Pokémon in Pokémon GO, it has its niche and can surprise opponents who are not prepared for it.

Learn about its strengths, weaknesses, and best movesets to utilize Shedinja effectively in battles.

Joining the Community

The Pokémon GO community is vast and full of knowledgeable players who are more than willing to share tips and strategies.

Joining online forums, communities, and social media groups dedicated to Pokémon GO can provide additional insights on how to get Shedinja, and offer a platform to share your experiences and learn from others.


Acquiring Shedinja in Pokémon GO is a unique challenge that requires patience, perseverance, and a bit of luck.

By understanding Shedinja’s nature, knowing where to find Nincada, completing Field Research tasks, participating in events, and engaging with the community, you’ll increase your chances of adding this exceptional Pokémon to your collection.

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