Catch ‘Em All: How to Get Mimikyu in Pokémon GO

Are you ready to catch the legendary Mimikyu? This mysterious creature is one of the rarest and most sought-after Pokémon in the game.

If you’re looking to add this cute ghost-type to your collection, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’ll explore everything from where to find Mimikyu, what lures and incenses work best for attracting it, whether or not trading is an option, and more.

Finding Mimikyu in Pokemon Go: Locations and Habitats

Mimikyu is one of the most popular Pokémon in the game and finding it can be an exciting challenge.

This cute ghost-fairy type creature is a fan favorite with its unique appearance and interesting backstory.

So where can you find Mimikyu? The truth is, this elusive creature isn’t easy to locate, but we’ve got you covered with some helpful tips.

One effective way to catch Mimikyu is by hatching eggs. You have a chance of obtaining this little guy from 5km eggs, so keep walking those kilometers.

Another option is to participate in raids during Halloween events or when Niantic releases special event raids that feature Mimikyu as a reward.

If you’re looking for specific habitats where Mimikyu tends to appear more frequently, then try your luck at spooky locations such as cemeteries or abandoned buildings.

Additionally, areas with high levels of paranormal activity seem to attract this ghostly sprite.

In conclusion, there are several ways to increase your chances of catching a Mimikyu in Pokemon Go.

Whether it’s through egg hatching or raid participation during special events, patience and perseverance will pay off.

And if all else fails, try exploring eerie places where supernatural energy flows freely – who knows what kind of spooks (and perhaps even a rare Pokémon) await you there.

Catching a Mimikyu During Pokemon Go Events and Special Occasions

Catching any rare or elusive Pokemon is quite exciting. But there’s something especially thrilling about catching a Mimikyu during special events and occasions.

This ghost/fairy-type Pokemon has an adorable disguise that resembles Pikachu, making it highly sought after by collectors and trainers alike.

During Halloween events, Mimikyu spawns increase in certain areas and players can even encounter shiny variations with their unique color palette.

Additionally, community day events offer increased chances to catch this little trickster as well as its evolved forms.

One effective strategy for catching a Mimikyu is to use lures at Pokestops or incense while walking around in search of one.

Another approach would be to participate in raid battles where you have the chance to catch high-level versions of the Pokemon.

Overall, catching a Mimikyu during special occasions adds an extra layer of excitement and satisfaction to playing the game.

With some patience and perseverance (and maybe a little bit of luck), trainers can add this cute but mischievous addition to their collection.

Utilizing Lures, Incenses, and Berries for Attracting Mimikyu in Pokemon Go

There are ways to increase your chances of luring this elusive Mimikyu out into the open.

The first tool at our disposal is lures – these handy items can be purchased from the in-game shop or earned through leveling up.

Placing a lure on a PokeStop will attract more Pokemon to that location for 30 minutes, including Mimikyu.

Another item worth mentioning is incense – similar to lures, they attract Pokemon towards you instead of specific locations.

Using an incense will cause more random encounters with wild Pokemon for 30 minutes, but it also increases the chance of encountering rare and uncommon creatures such as Mimikyu.

Finally, don’t overlook the power of berries. Nanab Berries calm down wild Pokemon and make them easier to catch, whereas Pinap Berries double the amount of candy obtained when caught successfully.

Both types work wonders when attempting to catch creatures like Mimikyu. All in all though, catching yourself a Mimikyu is a matter of persistence, luck and a little skill thrown in too.

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