How To Delete A WhatsApp Group: Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners

If you have a WhatsApp group that’s become too overwhelming to manage, deleting it may be a good idea. Fortunately, you can easily delete your WhatsApp group with just a few taps of your device.

Here’s how you can delete WhatsApp groups on your phone without having to worry about your data being erased.

Steps to Delete WhatsApp Group

First, open the group conversation in which you wish to delete from.

Tap on the name of the group at the top of your screen so that it brings up a new window with information about the group and its members.

You should see several options such as β€œGroup Info” or β€œEdit Group“. Select “Edit Group” if available; otherwise select “Group Info” and then tap on “Dismiss”.

This will bring up a prompt asking if you really want to leave this particular chat room – confirm this by selecting “Leave Group“.

Once dismissed from the group, return back into your chats page where all of your conversations are stored.

At this time, select and hold down on the name of the deleted chat until it shows additional options like copy message text or delete messages – choose β€œdelete” here in order to clear away any trace of this past conversation.

Why Would You Want to Delete A WhatsApp Group?

There are various reasons why you may want to delete a WhatsApp group. This includes things like;

  • The topic of conversation has changed significantly since its inception and no longer interests any members.
  • There’s too much conflict between members that it’s best just to move on.
  • The conversations have gone stale and everyone would benefit from starting fresh in another chatroom.

Whatever your reason may be, deleting a WhatsApp group is easy enough to do on both Android and iOS devices.

Consider Archiving the Chat

It’s worth deciding whether or not you want to archive the conversations before deleting them altogether.

Archiving will allow you to access any messages or media later on if needed; however, it also means that other members may still see your chats in their list of archived conversations even after they have removed themselves from the group itself.

If privacy is important then archiving should not be chosen, and instead all content should be manually deleted before leaving/removing yourself from the conversation completely.

This can only be done by an administrator who still remains in contact with some remaining members of this chatroom and requires both physical access as well as permission granted by those involved in order to complete this task properly.

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