How To Create Group Chat In WhatsApp: A Step-By-Step Guide

For those that want to create a group chat for your friends, family, or work colleagues on WhatsApp, creating a group chat in WhatsApp can be surprisingly straightforward.

In fact, setting up a group chat has never been simpler. Here’s what you need to do to create a group chat within WhatsApp.

Setting Up a WhatsApp Group

Setting up a WhatsApp group can be a great idea if you want to stay connected with multiple people at once or share photos, videos, voice messages, or documents quickly and easily.

And fortunately for us, creating a WhatsApp group is simple – just open up the app on your phone or tablet and tap “New Group” from the menu located in the upper right corner of your screen.

You’ll then be prompted to add members to your WhatsApp group by selecting contacts from your address book, which you can do individually or as part of a list.

Once all members have been added, you can give the group an optional name that everyone will see whenever they receive notifications about it (this step is optional but helps identify who’s included).

You also have several options when it comes to customizing how messages are sent within your new WhatsApp group:

  • You can decide whether only admins are allowed to post messages (all other participants will simply read them) or allow anyone involved in the conversation to send photos/videos/voice recordings/documents; set different notification settings (e.g., mute specific conversations).
  • You can create rules for how discussions should unfold; adjust privacy settings so that only certain individuals are able to join.
  • The ability to assign roles like moderators who oversee content posted by others.

Finally, don’t forget that once everything is set up correctly – you’re ready to start chatting away! Invite all participants via email/text message and let those conversations begin flowing freely.

Inviting Members to the WhatsApp Group Chat

Inviting members to the group chat is one of the key steps in setting it up, and you can do this by generating an invite code.

It’s important to keep the process simple so people don’t feel like joining will be complicated or time-consuming.

Your link invitation code can be sent out through email, text message, or social media posts, so potential participants have access without having to type any extra words into their phones.

When someone clicks on the link from their device, they’ll automatically join the chatroom and become part of your community.

You can do this by;

  • First, selecting More options in your group.
  • Then, click Group info.
  • Next, tap Invite.
  • You’ll then be able to share the invite code by your preferred method.

This is a good choice if you want to avoid having to add people to your WhatsApp group individually, and it can definitely save some time.

Managing WhatsApp Notifications for the Group Chat

Once you’ve created your group chat, it’s important that you manage the chat properly. If you don’t, it can eventually become overwhelming.

Learning to Prioritize

Having a group chat can be amazing, but also at times become overwhelming. With so many notifications coming in, the key to managing them is learning to prioritize.

It’s essential that you decide what messages are important and need immediate attention, and which ones can wait for another moment when it’s more convenient for you to respond.

That way, you don’t feel like your phone is constantly buzzing or feel obligated to answer every single message as soon as it comes in.

Identifying Settings

Another great way of managing WhatsApp notifications from the group chat is by identifying settings on your device that will make things easier for you.

Most smartphones have a ‘Do Not Disturb’ setting which silences all incoming calls, texts, emails – even notifications from social media apps such as WhatsApp.

This means that if ever needed, you can keep yourself out of reach without actually having to switch off your phone completely!

You should also check if there’s an option on the app itself where certain contacts or conversations can be blocked from sending notifications altogether- this could really help with reducing distraction too!


All in all, it’s actually pretty easy to create a group chat within the WhatsApp app.

It’s worth doing if you have something you want to discuss with multiple people at the same time, as it’ll allow you to all share your opinions at once.

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