How to change card details on Amazon app?

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How to change card details on Amazon app?

So, today we’re looking at how to go about changing your card details on the Amazon mobile app. There’s a number of reason that you might want to do this, maybe you entered the details wrong when you first set up the card, maybe you got a new card, maybe you just don’t like that Amazon has your card details and want to change them. Whatever the reason may be, we’re here to give you the step by step on how to change them.

If this is a case that you are using Amazon on your PC and want to quickly adjust your card settings on your phone with the app, then make sure to download the app from the App Store first. Let’s take a look.

Changing your card details

Card details are a bit awkward on the app. First things first, you cannot change the card number itself, the details you can change on the app are the expiry date on the card and the billing address on the card.

Thankfully this is fairly simple. First, make sure to log in to your account on the app. You can do this by selecting the 3 lines icon in the bottom right. Then select the account pop up at the bottom of the screen. This will create a log in prompt you can use to get into your account.

Next, the card details themselves. Navigate to the same tab we used before, those three lines icons and select account again. This will bring up a long list of different options you can use to affect your account. We’re going to select the “Your payments” option. This brings you to a new interface which is on the “Wallet” tab. Here you can see the different cards you have on your account.

Select the card you wish to change, and you will see an “edit” button to press. Once you’ve selected this you will see a drop down menu where you can select the expiration date of the card and a billing address which you can either select from different addresses that are attached to the account or you can choose to add a new address.

Adding a new card

As with the previous step make sure you are logged into your account by going to the three lines icon in the bottom right and selecting account to get the log in prompt. Once done, do the same again with the three lines and selecting account. This will bring up a menu of account settings. From here select “Your payments.”

At this point you will be looking at a new interface and the “Wallet” tab. Under this there is a “Card & accounts” section where you will see an “+ Add” option. Select this and you will see a further option to “Add a credit of debit card.”

Enter your card details here or scan them with your camera. All done.

Deleting a card

Deleting your card is a little fairly straight forward. As with the previous steps make sure you are logged into your account by navigating to the icon in the bottom right of the screen that looks like three lines, selecting account and then logging in when the prompt appears. Next, do the same thing again, select the three line icon and click on the account button.

From here select the “Your payments” option. This will cause a new interface to appear and the “Wallet” tab. From here select the card you wish to delete and then select “Edit.”

Once you’re on this page scroll to the bottom and there will be a “Remove from wallet” option in red. Select this and you’re all done, and this should have sorted out your card detail issue. You may need to log out of Amazon and then log back in again if you want things to work smoothly.


In conclusion it is a little frustrating that the app does not allow you to change the number on the card if you enter it incorrectly, but it does at least allow you to alter the expiry date and the billing address. Can be helpful if you move house so you don’t have to delete the card and re-enter a new one.

That being said it’s not a particularly problematic experience if you do need to enter a new card as you can see by the steps I’ve outlined above.

We hope this article has helped and you’re back to shopping with no more worries!

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