Xbox Party Chat not working? Try this!

The Xbox party app is an app available for Windows, Android, iOS and Android, as part of the Xbox services. The app can be used to control the Xbox remotely, as well as being used as a game launcher control centre for your games library. Users of the party app have noted that there are some problems with the app when trying to launch it on their operating systems.

So what can you do when your Xbox Party app isn’t working? Here are some fixes that you can try when you’re having issues with the Party App.

Xbox Party Chat not working?

What problems can you encounter when the Xbox Party chat isn’t working? They’re a different set of problems that may occur when your Xbox app won’t open. The main issues that users face are;

  • You cannot hear your friends at the Xbox Live Party.
  • You cannot join the party.
  • The app has crashed unexpectedly.
  • The app is running too slowly.
  • Cannot see game clips and screenshots.

So, if your Xbox Party chat is not working then there is a simple solution. If your Xbox party chat isn’t working you should try the following fix:

1) Run a network connection test on your Xbox.
2) Restart your app to see if this fixes the issue if your Wi-Fi is okay.

How do I check for permissions?

Privileges or permissions for apps allow access to certain parts of your phone, device or operating system. These permissions allow for the app to use necessary components in order to run properly such as the camera on your phone. If your Xbox party chat is not working then I recommend you check if your computers permission settings are blocking it from working. To do this:

  1. Press the ‘Windows’ key.
  2. Go to ‘Settings.’
  3. Go to ‘Privacy.’
  4. Select ‘Microphone.’
  5. Go to ‘choose which Microsoft apps can access your microphone.’
  6. Select Xbox.

How do I reset my settings?

One of the main issues that can stop your Xbox party app from working is sound problems, therefore you should go ahead and check your microphone by resetting the sound to default settings.

  1. Go to the ‘Windows’ icon.
  2. Select ‘Settings.’
  3. Go to ‘System.’
  4. Select ‘Sound.’
  5. Go to ‘Advanced sound options.’
  6. Click on ‘Reset.’
  7. Do the same for your microphone.
  8. Save changes.
  9. Restart your computer.
  10. Launch the app and check your party app.
Go to System and then Sound to find your Advanced Sound Options
You can adjust your Settings here, or if needs be then you can fully reset them too

How do I reset Xbox services?

Certain things on PC are harder to fathom than others, especially if the problem is down to a stray corrupt file or something that may be missing you aren’t aware of. You can use a programme to scan your computer for these things, to see if anything is broken. However, restarting your settings is a way in which you can fix these things.

  1. Shut down the Xbox.
  2. Go to the ‘Windows’ icon.
  3. Type ‘Services’ into the search bar.
  4. Find ‘Xbox live Networking Services.’
  5. Right-click on this and choose ‘Stop.’
  6. Wait for 2 minutes and then click to ‘Start.’
  7. Search for ‘IP Helper Services.’
  8. Restart it again.
  9. Now close the service Window.
  10. Restart your Xbox.

Load a multiplayer game and start the Xbox party, see is the Xbox console companion chat is now working.

What can I install to make the chat work?

Installing Teredo is probably the number one solution to fix the problems of the Xbox chat not working. You need to make sure you enable and install the driver associated with the app, to install this programme you can follow the steps here:

Install ‘Teredo Adapter’

  1. Press the ‘Windows’ key.
  2. Go to ‘Device manager.’
  3. Press enter.
  4. Go to ‘View.’
  5. Go to ‘Show hidden devices.’
  6. Select ‘Network adapters.’
  7. Search for ‘Teredo Tunnelling Pseudo-Interface.’

If you can’t find it, go to the ‘Action bar’ and choose ‘Add legacy Software’

  1. Choose ‘Next.’
  2. Go to ‘Install the hardware that I manually selected from the list.’
  3. Go to ‘Network Adapters.’
  4. Choose ‘Next.’
  5. Go to ‘Microsoft.’
  6. And then install.
  7. Once the installation is finished, restart your computer.
  8. Now everything is completed, try to the console and see if the party chat is now working on your PC.


In conclusion, the Xbox Party App is relatively new on the gaming scene so it makes sense why users meet issues prevalently when using it. Now we have looked at some of the problems you may come up against when using the app as well as how you can go about fixing these problems yourself when you are in a bind.

With any luck, now you have fixed whatever issue you were experiencing with the app and you are back to gaming online without any trouble. If you encounter any further problems, come back and use these solutions again in order to try to fix your Xbox Party App.

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