How Much Are TikTok Gifts Worth? – The Figures

TikTok is a video-sharing platform with a plethora of features available. You can record videos, combine videos, edit videos, and post videos.

TikTok also has a feature called TikTok gifts, which are monetary donations given to users by their followers.

We’re going to look at them in more depth, including how you can send and receive gifts on TikTok, as well as just how expensive sending gifts can be.

What are TikTok Gifts?

TikTok Gifts are simply a virtual gift that you can send to your favourite creators on the platform.

There are a few different types of donations you can give, all of which vary in price and worth. TikTok gifts must first be purchased using coins, which require real currency to obtain.

The TikTok gifts will then be converted into Diamonds when gifted. TikTok diamonds can be converted into real currency.

TikTok gifts are one of the ways users can make money on TikTok. Viewers can also use TikTok gifts to support their beloved content creators. TikTok gifts come in a variety of forms.

Each gift costs a different amount of coins, and will convert into a different amount of Diamonds. This means that each gift varies in terms of how much they’re worth.

How Much Are TikTok Gifts Worth?

TikTok has not shared their actual conversion rates, but we can estimate approximately how much TikTok gifts are worth.

Since each TikTok gift costs a certain amount of coins, we’ll begin by estimating the worth of a coin. The worth of a single coin is around £0.01.

So, by this logic, 100 coins is worth £1.00. Therefore, if a TikTok gift costs 5 coins, it is approximately worth £0.05.

You can purchase coins in various amounts. Written below are the coin bundles you can purchase, along with their prices:

40 coins – £0.49
65 coins – £0.89
330 coins – £4.49
660 coins – £8.99
1321 coins £17.99
3303 coins – £44.99
6607 coins – £89.99
16500 coins – £219.99

Calculating the worth of Diamonds is a little trickier. After you donate a TikTok gift, it’s further converted into Diamonds.

There is no solid conversion rate for Diamonds, as their worth can change depending on the platform.

You can only see how much a bundle of Diamonds is worth after redeeming them, which converts them into real money.

The amount of money they convert into also varies depending on the currency. It is estimated that a single Diamond is roughly worth half a coin.

Every 2 coins spent on a gift should produce 1 Diamond when converted. By this logic, a Diamond should be worth £0.005.

Content creators will receive half the amount of coins spent for every gift.

For example, if they receive a 1000-coin gift (approx. £10.00), they will get 500 coins worth of money (approx. £5.00).

So, the final rough conversion rate is:

1 coin = £0.01
2 coins = 1 Diamond
1 Diamond = £0.005 or 1/2 a coin

Content creators will only receive half of their donations, whilst the other half goes to TikTok as part of the commission fee.

This means that, overall, content creators only receive a quarter of the original coins spent on a gift.

For example, if someone spent £50.00 worth of coins on a gift, the receiver of the gift will only get £12.50.

How to Get TikTok Gifts

You can purchase TikTok gifts on the TikTok app. Each TikTok gifts costs a certain amount of coins, so you’ll first have to purchase coins on the TikTok app to use as currency.

In order to purchase coins on TikTok, first open up the TikTok app and press on the profile icon in the lower right.

You should also make sure that you already have a source of payment attached to your Google Play or iCloud account before attempting this step. You will need this to pay for the coins.

Once you’re navigated to your TikTok profile page, press on the three lines in the upper right. A list of options should appear. Select the ‘settings and privacy’ option to open the settings.


Once in the settings, select the ‘balance’ option.


You should now be on your coins balance page. Press the ‘recharge’ option to go to the coins purchase page where you can then purchase virtual coins.

Select the price option for the coin bundle you wish to purchase, and follow the steps provided to purchase them.


You can only purchase a maximum of 2.5 million coins. You can only use these coins within the TikTok app.

They cannot be converted back into cash, or used elsewhere as per the TikTok community guidelines. Only Diamonds can be redeemed for cash.

Once you’ve purchased the coins, exit out of the settings and go to your homepage.

Then, navigate to the TikTok video or Live you wish to gift. There are a range of different TikTok gifts you can purchase.

The gift options vary depending on the type of video you’re trying to gift. Recorded TikToks and Live videos each give you different gift options.

Keep in mind that you can only gift certain TikToks, whilst others won’t accept gifts. Every Live video should accept gifts.

The process for obtaining gifts differs slightly depending on the type of video. We’ll first go through how you can get TikTok gifts for Live videos.

On your TikTok homepage, press on the ‘Live’ option in the upper left corner. This should take you to a Live video.

Swipe through the Live videos until you find one you want to gift. Near the bottom of the video, there should be a ‘gift’ option.

Press on it to view the gifts you can buy. Press on a gift to buy it.

TikTok Gifts Worth – Lion, Whale, Universe & More

Written below are some examples of gifts you can purchase on Live videos, along with their prices:

Rose – 1 coin

Finger Heart – 5 coins

Perfume – 20 coins

Doughnut – 30 coins

Coral – 49 Coins

Paper Crane – 99 coins

Boxing Gloves – 299 Coins

Solar System – 499 coins

Behind the Clouds – 1000 coins

Disco Ball – 1000 Coins

Whale Diving – 2150 Coins

Spaceship – 13999 coins

Lion – 29999 Coins

Universe – 34999 Coins

If we use the average cost above, we can work out how much a lion is on TikTok, or how much a whale is on TikTok too.

At 2150 coins, this gives the Whale Diving an estimated cost of around £20, or $25 if they’re based in the US.

We can also say that a lion costs a whopping 29999 coins, so it’s close to £300 for one lion, or almost $400.

The only gift more expensive than this is the Universe, which at the time of writing costs 34999 coins, which adds up to more than £350.

These are the most expensive TikTok video gifts that you’ll find on the app, as they’re considered premium gifts.

Gifts for non-live TikTok videos

To buy a gift for a non-live TikTok, return to your TikTok homepage and scroll until you find a TikTok you want to gift.

You can return to the homepage by pressing the ‘x’ icon in the top right.

On the TikTok video, press the speech bubble icon to access the comments.

If the video allows gifts, there should be a ‘gift’ option near the bottom. Press on it to view the gifts you can purchase. Press on a gift to buy it.

Here are some examples of gifts you can purchase on non-live TikToks, along with their prices:

Thumbs Up! – 5 coins
This is Fire – 10 coins
Accept This Rose? – 15 coins
OMG – 25 coins
Gold Medal – 1000 coins
Elite Status – 1500 coins
Ice Diamond – 2000 coins
Pure Royalty – 3000 coins

Remember that these gifts can be exchanged for TikTok coins, which can then be converted back into real currency.

You can withdraw the money to a PayPal account within the app, though the monetary value will be less than the amount the other person spent on their virtual coins.

What is the most expensive TikTok gift?

At the time of writing, the TikTok Universe is still the most expensive TikTok gift you can buy at 34999 coins. This translates to £350, or more than $450 in dollars.


In conclusion, TikTok gifts vary in terms of worth. Though there are other Tiktok alternatives you can try, the gift system that this app offers is pretty solid, and it’s easy to send virtual gifts on TikTok.

Each gift is worth a certain amount of coins, which can be purchased using real money.

We can only estimate a gift’s real value as TikTok has not made their conversion rates public. You can then send gifts to your favourite creators on the platform.

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