Top 8 Ways to Fix iPhone Stuck on Home Critical Alerts

We know it is annoying if you are stuck with Home would like to send you critical alerts screen or prompt due to a recent update. The main reasons behind this problem can be the latest update or some bugs causing it that you don’t know about.

Do not worry; we have quick fixes for Home would like to send you critical alerts stuck issues. These issues can be fixed for all iPhones above 15 with these solutions. Let’s begin and resolve your issue.

Why is My iPhone showing “Home Would Like to Send Critical Alerts”?

The following reasons might cause iPhone stuck on Home critical alerts like software bugs or a third-party app, etc. Here is a rundown of these causes.

Software Bug – OS is software, after all, and, with time, develops issues due to cache and overloaded registry data. It can also be due to iOS beta software causing more bugs than normal

3rd-Party App – Maybe a 3rd party app you recently installed is causing issues due to inefficient code. A simple search and delete is recommended.

Critical Alert Settings—You don’t use the Home app and might have turned on Critical Alerts, which is causing the Critical Alerts iPhone stuck issue.

How Do I Get Rid of Home Critical Alerts on My iPhone?

There are many solutions to “home would like to send you critical alerts” notifications stuck on your iPhone. Most of them are troubleshooting scenarios that can resolve this issue. Please continue reading in the next section for solutions.

Common Ways to Fix iPhone Stuck on Home Critical Alerts

Here are 7 of the best troubleshooting steps for your question of what is critical alerts on iPhone and why they are stuck. Remember, they are not a proper solution; only a professional third-party app can resolve them correctly.

Please keep in mind that to use the proper solution, we still recommend backing up your phone before proceeding.

1.  Force Restart Your iPhone

You need to use physical buttons to restart your phone if it is stuck during home critical alerts iPhone popup.

  1. Press the Volume Up button and then the Down button one by one.
  2. As soon as you release the Down button, press and hold the Power button until you see the Apple launch logo on the screen.

This method is super effective because if touch is unresponsive, physical buttons are always there to reboot the phone.

2.  Reboot Your iPhone

Sometimes restarting your phone can help clear the cache, allowing you to get out of iPhone stuck on critical alerts popup.

  • Press the power button on your phone and hold until you see the Shutdown/Restart slider.
  • Drag it to the direction shown, which will shut down the iPhone.
  • Press and hold the Power button again to start and use your phone.

Restarting your phone resets all the apps and services. This is a good solution for shutting down any unresponsive app.

3.  Restore Your iPhone with iTunes

This is the best method for How do I get rid of home critical alerts on my iPhone? It works, but you will lose your data and revert to the backup you stored with iTunes.

  1. Connect your iPhone with a computer and let iTunes detect it. Allow Trust this computer.
  2. Once connected, click the iPhone button and go to the summary page.
  3. Scroll down to the Backup section and click the Restore Backup button to initiate restoring your phone.
  4. Disconnect once the phone restarts.

4.  Fix iPhone Stuck on Home Critical Alerts via Recovery Mode

This method to recover your phone from being stuck on “home would like to send you critical alerts” works only if you use Tenorshare ReiBoot using the Recovery Mode method.

  1. Launch your Tenorshare ReiBoot tool and connect your iOS device.
  • Click the Enter button under Recovery Mode once connected and recognized.
  • Once in this mode, as it will take a few minutes, check if the issue is resolved.

5.  Put iPhone into DFU Mode

You can restore your stuck phone with Device Firmware Update, but it will cause data loss for your device.

  1. Shut down your phone. Then press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons together for 5 seconds, then quickly release the Power button.
  2. Keep holding the Volume Down button for 10 seconds until the screen is entirely black and the Apple logo disappears.

6.  Reset HomeKit Configuration from Other iOS Device

This method requires you to have another iOS device and the same ID logged in on both of these devices. It will only work if you have another iOS device.

  1. Tap the Home icon on your home screen and then tap Home Settings.
  2. Now tap to remove the Home and follow the instructions to complete it.

7.  iOS Software Update

updating to the latest OS software can also resolve the issue if the iPhone is still stuck.

  1. Connect your device to your PC/laptop and start iTunes.
  2. Once connected, click on the iPhone button at the top and click on Check for Update in the Summary tab.
  3. Download the latest OS and follow the update process.

Final Option: Fix iPhone Stuck on Home Critical Alerts Without Data Loss

Most of the methods above for Home would like to send you critical alerts stuck issues will cause you to lose your data during the restoration process. No one wants to reset their phone due to a simple bug.

 This is where  ReiBoot iOS Reapir comes in. It is known for solving similar issues, which are over 150+. Here is how you can do it quickly and without complications.

  1. Download and install the tool and run it. Then, connect your iPhone and let the app detect it. Once detected, click on Start Repair.
  • Download the latest update.
  • If you want to Keep Data, click on the Standard Repair button.
  • The screen will show below when the phone is repaired without losing your data.


1.  What To Do When iPhone Says Home Would Like to Send You Critical Alerts?

Please enable this if you have a Home device and want to receive these alerts. If you don’t, keep this toggle off.

2.  How do I Remove Critical Alerts on iPhone?

Go to your Home app in the Settings Menu and turn the Allow Critical Alerts toggle off.

The Bottom Line

There can be many reasons in iOS devices that can cause the Home would like to send you critical alerts popups to get stuck. We shared 8 of the best fixes to this issue. But if you want to avoid losing your data due to most of these fixes, we recommend using Ternorshare ReiBoot to resolve the problems in minutes without losing your data.

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