Does Pokémon Go Track Steps When the App is Closed?

A common question among users is: Does Pokémon Go track steps when the app is closed?

This article delves into the mechanics of Pokémon Go, specifically focusing on its step-tracking capabilities, Adventure Sync, and how players can maximize their gaming experience while staying physically active.

Does Pokémon Go Track Steps When the App is Closed?

One of the key features of Pokémon Go is its ability to track player movement, which is integral to gameplay mechanics like hatching eggs and earning rewards.

Traditionally, the game required the app to be open to record distance traveled.

However, with the introduction of Adventure Sync, Pokémon Go can now track steps even when the app is closed.

This feature utilizes the health data from your smartphone, syncing with the game to update your progress.

This development not only conserves battery life but also allows for a more seamless integration of the game into daily activities.

Understanding Adventure Sync

Adventure Sync is the linchpin that enables Pokémon Go to track steps with the app closed.

To activate this feature, players need to grant permission for Pokémon Go to access their health data.

Once enabled, Adventure Sync uses the data from the phone’s built-in pedometer or connected fitness apps to update the player’s in-game distance.

This feature works in the background, efficiently recording every step you take throughout the day.

How to Enable Adventure Sync

Enabling Adventure Sync is straightforward. Players can find this option in the settings menu of Pokémon Go.

After granting the necessary permissions, the app will begin to sync with your phone’s health data.

It is important to ensure that your health app (like Apple Health or Google Fit) is also properly set up and recording your steps accurately.

Maximizing Your Pokémon Go Experience

With Adventure Sync, players can make the most of their Pokémon Go experience without the need to constantly have the app open.

This section provides tips on how to enhance your gameplay and integrate Pokémon Go more effectively into your daily routine.

Tips for Effective Step Tracking

To ensure that every step counts, keep your phone with you throughout the day.

Steps are more accurately recorded when the phone is carried in a pocket or bag rather than left stationary.

Additionally, regularly syncing your health app with Pokémon Go is crucial for updating your in-game progress.

Integrating Pokémon Go into Your Daily Activities

Pokémon Go can become a part of your daily life. Simple activities like walking to work, jogging, or even doing household chores can contribute to your in-game progress.

This integration not only enhances your gameplay experience but also promotes a healthier lifestyle.


In conclusion, Pokémon Go does track steps when the app is closed, thanks to the innovative Adventure Sync feature.

This advancement has significantly improved the game’s usability and player engagement.

By integrating physical activity into the gaming experience, Pokémon Go continues to be a trailblazer in the mobile gaming industry, promoting both digital entertainment and physical well-being.

Whether you are a seasoned player or new to the world of Pokémon Go, leveraging these features can greatly enrich your gaming experience.

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