Deliveroo vs Uber Eats Pay: Which is more?

If you’re trying to work out whether to sign up for Deliveroo or Uber Eats, you’re in the right place. Both companies provide deliveries driver jobs which are designed to allow flexibility.

However, you need to decide which app to work for. Or do you? Let’s look at the differences between the two popular food delivery apps.

Deliveroo vs Uber Eats Pay

If you’re hell bent on only signing up to one of these platforms, then we’d recommend that you sign up with Uber Eats – it often pays slightly more than Deliveroo across the board.

However, the reality is that most new drivers are better off signing up to both platforms simultaneously. This way, you’ll get more deliveries, more money and more experience working with both platforms.

After doing this, you can then make your own decision about which one is better. It is a little subjective, with many workers favouring one over the other depending on their personal experience.

Uber Eats – Better for certain areas

Some Uber Eats riders just absolutely kill it when it comes to deliveries and overall cash.

However, this is heavily dependent on the area that you’re working in. As you’d expect, extremely busy and affluent areas are the best places to be an Uber Eats driver, as you’ll be able to make the most money in these regions.

Deliveroo – A better app experience

The Deliveroo app works better than the Uber Eats app, and there are a few reasons why this is the case.

Firstly, it gives much more information about the delivery itself, meaning it’s easier to pick up and deliver the goods.

And secondly, the app is just designed better in comparison to the Uber Eats platform, which is integrated into the Uber app.

How much do you earn as a food delivery driver?

Food delivery drivers can make between £80 and £150 a day depending on the location and the food delivery service that is used – to reach the upper end of this limit, many riders use more than one app at the same time.

The earning potential of each app does depend heavily on your location. When considering what you can get paid to be a delivery worker, also think of additional charges that can be incurred during the job.

This includes things like paying for delivery drivers insurance, or potential maintenance costs on your mode of transport.

And, it’s always take into account how often drivers are online, and where you can make the most money without competing with other riders.

Common Questions about Food Delivery Jobs

What are the requirements to become a delivery driver with Deliveroo?

There are very little requirements to join Deliveroo, but obviously you will be required to use either a bicycle or scooters to deliver the food, along with a high vis whilst you’re riding. You will also need a smartphone and the right to work in the UK, which will be checked when you go through the sign up process.

How to become an UberEats driver?

The sign up process for Deliveroo and Uber Eats are actually almost exactly the same, with very little paperwork and only proof of eligibility to work in the UK needed.

How much can I earn working for Deliveroo?

On a good month, users that ride full time for Deliveroo or Uber Eats can expect to earn anywhere between £2000-2500. This is without working excess hours, but it also doesn’t take into account the potential costs involved too.

What are the benefits of becoming UberEats delivery rider?

UberEats is an easy and affordable method to earn money without owning a car. If you need some extra cash, it’s an easy way to make it – UberEats operates mainly in London, whereas Deliveroo works in London but also in regional areas too.

Is there a delivery driver boycott?

It’s worth being aware that in recent years there are been boycotts of Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just Eat in towns across the UK – drivers are refusing orders and demanding higher wages.


No matter which of the two you decide to go with, you can see higher upsides for Deliveroo and UberEats in comparison to other services like JustEat.

We found drivers generally overall earned more at Uber Eats, while some specific drivers certainly earned more at Deliveroo.

You should try as many delivery/courier apps as possible to discover the best solution for you, as it can be heavily dependent on your specific delivering location.

If you’re in certain cities, you’ll find that UberEats can be the better choice. Outside of this, Deliveroo is typically better. However, many couriers decide to use both.

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