Unlock Everything with These Days Gone Cheats and Tips

Are you stuck on a certain mission in Days Gone? If so, you’ve come to the right place! I’m an experienced gamer and have been playing video games for years. I’ve spent hours exploring every nook and cranny of Days Gone, and can help you get past any challenges that are holding you back.

In this article, I’ll provide plenty of helpful tips and cheats to push through even the hardest levels of the game. You’ll learn about how to use shortcuts in your favor, discover powerful weapons as well as how to find them, earn additional rewards from completing missions quickly, and more. By the end of this article, you will be able to unlock everything there is to know about Days Gone so that nothing stands between you and victory! So let’s get started with all these tricks up our sleeve!

Days Gone Cheats: Unlocking Secret Characters and Outfits

Are you tired of playing the same ol’ boring game with no exciting characters or outfits? Then let me introduce you to Days Gone Cheats! With these cheats, you can unlock secret characters and outfits that will take your gaming experience to the next level.

To start off, there are two special characters that can be unlocked through cheat codes: Sarah and O’Brian. Sarah is Deacon’s wife who was thought to have been killed in the early stages of the zombie outbreak but is revealed to still be alive later in the game. O’Brian is a member of a government agency trying to find a cure for the virus. Both characters bring their own unique storylines and abilities that add depth to the gameplay.

In addition, there are several outfits available through cheat codes such as “Death Stranding,” “God of War,” and even one inspired by Hideo Kojima himself! These outfits not only change Deacon’s appearance but also provide different bonuses such as increased health or stamina.

Overall, using cheats in Days Gone adds an extra layer of excitement and fun for players looking for something new. So why not give it a try? Unlock those secret characters and don some cool new threads- your gaming experience will thank you!

Days Gone Cheats: Discovering Hidden Weapons and Equipment

Days Gone is an open-world post-apocalyptic game that allows players to explore the fictional Pacific Northwest as biker Deacon St. John. Along with scavenging for resources and fighting off hordes of zombies, players can also discover hidden weapons and equipment through cheats.

One way to find hidden items is by searching abandoned NERO research sites scattered throughout the game world. These sites contain valuable resources, including health upgrades and new weapons. However, some of the best loot can only be accessed by solving puzzles or finding hidden switches within these facilities.

Another source of powerful weapons is found in bunkers owned by preppers, survivalists who prepared for an apocalypse before it happened. Players can locate these bunkers by following clues left on notes and maps found in various locations inside abandoned buildings or vehicles.

Finally, there are also rare crafting materials that allow players to craft superior versions of their equipment or even new items entirely. By completing ambush camps or taking down certain zombie enemies known as Freakers, these materials become more accessible.

Overall, discovering hidden weapons and equipment adds an extra layer of excitement to Days Gone’s already thrilling gameplay experience. Whether it’s unlocking a powerful gun from a secret bunker or crafting a unique tool from rare materials dropped by bosses – exploring every nook and cranny will pay off big time in this game!

Days Gone Cheats: Finding Easter Eggs and In-Game References

Have you ever played a game and stumbled upon hidden treasures or references that make you feel like an insider? Well, if you’re a fan of Days Gone, then you’re in luck! There are plenty of Easter eggs and in-game references to discover. For those not familiar with the term, “Easter egg” refers to a hidden message or inside joke found within a piece of media – often video games. These little surprises can range from nods to other franchises to developer shoutouts.

One Easter egg worth mentioning is the inclusion of “Sons of Anarchy” easter egg. Fans will love spotting character Opie’s motorcycle jacket hanging on a wall within the game world. Similarly, there’s also an homage to Sony Bend Studio’s previous game “Syphon Filter”, where protagonist Deacon St. John finds an old SWAT vest with Gabriel Logan’s name tag on it.

Another way that Days Gone takes advantage of gaming culture is by referencing real-world events such as social commentary on anti-vaxxers by having some characters discussing rumors about how the virus started in order to create vaccine for it. It provides not only meaningful content but also makes players feel more connected and engaged with what they’re playing.

In summary, finding these Easter eggs and in-game references can be rewarding for fans who enjoy discovering more about their favourite games beyond just what’s on the surface level. Whether through nods to other franchises or subtle hints at real-world events, these secrets add another layer of enjoyment for players who want something deeper from their gaming experiences. So grab your controller and get ready to explore all that Days Gone has to offer!


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