Best UK weather app for Android and iPhone

Let’s face it – the weather in England can be unpredictable. Even in the Summer time, it’s not unusual to face a full week of cloud and rain.

But weather apps are very useful, though they’re not always right, they tend to be more accurate the closer you get to the actual date.

So, we took a look at the top weather applications to see which ones are worth downloading, and which ones you should skip.

Met Office Weather app

Free: Android & iOS

The UK’s national weather service is a good option if you want weather specific to our region. It has the standard weather app features, but it also includes local weather warnings, lightning strikes and more.

It includes a UK surface pressure map, various different satellite maps and some accurate forecasters within the app too. You can get coverage varying in timeframes, from hourly coverage all the way through to weekly coverage.

You can add unlimited locations within the app and easily switched between your saved locations too. Though not always accurate, the Met office weather forecast app is a must download if you’re based in the UK.

Rain Radar Live

Free: Android & iOS

If you want an interactive UK rainfall map, then downloading Rain Radar is your best bet. It’s one of the best weather apps for predicting rainfall.

And let’s face it, that’s something that all British people are used to. It has excellent visualisation of the weather, and you’ll be able to see rainfall in the recent past too.

You’ll get severe weather warnings, but the interactive rainfall map is the main part of this app.

If you want accurate radar maps of your local forecast that’s specific to the UK, you need to download Rain Radar immediately.


Free: Android & iOS

With more than a 100m downloads, AccuWeather is one of the most popular Weather apps. It can provide you with hyperlocal forecasting that’s perfect for those trying to gauge local weather forecasts in their area.

The app provides daily forecasts that cover pretty much everything. This includes the possibility of rain, air pollution forecasts, wind patterns and wind speed, clouds, and the UV index too if there’s a rare chance of sunshine.

You can also use the weather tracking tool throughout the Winter, as it allows for monitoring snowfall, ice and freezing cold temperatures. There are daily and hourly forecasts, and even a Minutecast for extremely current weather conditions.

AccuWeather is one of the best weather apps to download if you want accurate forecasts on a regular basis.

The Weather Channel app

Free: Android & iOS

The Weather Channel is a good option to download if you want local forecasts and general weather details. This app gives a list of weather data, which ranges from temperature to wind speed.

There’s a short term forecast that’s usually pretty accurate, but also a longer 10-day forecast available too.

There’s also an interactive warnings map that will show localised weather forecasts depending on your saved locations.

One frustrating thing about The Weather Channel is that the ads can be a little overwhelming. There is a Premium Professional option that removes the ads, but you’ll need to upgrade and pay for the privilege.

The Weather Channel app is free to download for Android or iPhone users, and it’s still one of the more accurate weather forecast apps that you can download.

Windy (Android, iOS: Free)

Free: Android & iOS

Windy is another weather app that gives you detailed maps, with severe weather alerts and public weather forecasts.

As you’d expect, Windy is very accurate at predicting wind speed, but there’s plenty more data in there for temperature, humidity and more.

Within the app you’ll also get satellite and Doppler information, and severe weather alerts when the weather becomes too much (though this isn’t common in the UK).

You can upgrade to the Premium version of if you want the most accurate forecasts, but the free version is good too.

This is one of the best weather apps to download if you’re an Apple watch, as the Apple watch app is well designed with key features easily accessible.

1Weather (Android, iOS: Free)

Free: Android, iPadOS & iOS

If you’re searching for a weather app for your iPad, you’ll want to download 1Weather to your device. You can easily add weather widgets to your iPad homepage or add them to your iPhone too.

1Weather has pretty much everything you would want need from a weather app, which includes live weather maps and weather alerts for a 10 day period of weather.

The 1Weather forecast for hourly and daily temperatures is pretty accurate. Your forecast is generally extended over a 24-hour period, so it can be really useful for planning events in advance.

This is a free app that’s worth downloading if you want a localised weather forecast that are on par with most weather apps.

Flowx (Android: Free)

Free: Android

Flowx is a unique app with a vast array of charts and forecasts, with a dynamic and animated weather timeline – all of this can be accessed via the app.

User locations are easy to enter into the app to give yourself a local forecast and weather information regarding your area.

What makes Flowx a little different is that you can apply many data overlay options including rain, clouds, and direction arrows individually, which makes for an interactive radar.

The application supports ads, though there is a subscription option that will enable you to remove them. Though, it’s worth trying the free version in advance to see if the app is to your liking.

My Moon Phase (Android: $1.99; iOS: Free)

Free: Android & iOS

If you’re looking for a weather app that has a detailed lunar calendar and tracks the lunar cycles, you’ll want to download My Moon Phase.

You’ll get an instant notification when moon phases start on your homepage, so you don’t even need to be checking the app to get the most of it.

My Moon Phase has a clean user interface that’s easy to navigate, and it has a lot of information regarding golden hour, which can be extremely useful if you’re a photographer.

For general weather, it’s obviously not the best weather app. But for those looking for specific moon times in the evening (like photographers and astronomers), this app works fantastically, and it will give you an easier look at the lunar surface.


These are some of the best weather apps to download for your smartphone or tablet.

As British Weather is often unpredictable, downloading the right weather app can prepare you for even the most severe weather.

Most accurate weather apps should be able to gauge temperatures and give basic smart forecasts, so hopefully the ones we’ve listed can help you deal with any extreme weather changes.

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