Best Caravan Sat Nav Apps

Most people find that standard map apps aren’t suitable for travelling with their caravan, and it can be extremely frustrating. Though they can still be useful, most apps aren’t designed with caravans in mind.

However, there are some apps that work extremely well for those with caravans or mobile homes. So, if you’re looking for the best app to download for caravans, here’s our favourites.

Our choice of Caravan Sat Nav Apps

CoPilot GPS – The Number 1 Sat nav app for caravans

One of the main reasons that users don’t like to use Google Maps when towing a caravan is that you can’t enter the size of your vehicle. This is why Sat Nav apps are popular, and our favourite one to use is probably CoPilot GPS.

As the name suggests, CoPilot Caravan is extremely useful to practical caravan drivers you can enter the size of your vehicle.

This allows the app to create routes based on your vehicle size, and will ensure you don’t get trapped down any narrow roads with no room to manouvre.

This also means that low bridges or those with weight restrictions won’t pose an issue either. It’s great for large vehicles too so you don’t need to worry about vehicle height.

The app works extremely well with UK and European maps too, which is one of the better features of the app.

Whilst you can get a live data signal when connected to the internet, CoPilot works extremely well for offline navigation too.

The app is initially free, but you can pay an extra cost if you want more access to voice navigation and more accurate traffic alerts. You’ll also be able to see fuel prices at petrol stations on your route too.

When you use CoPilot GPS with your caravan or motorhome, you’ll be able to get accurate directions designed for your vehicle, and avoid other hazards that may pop up on the way.

OsmAnd – The best free sat nav app for caravan users

The main thing that most people are looking for from a sat nav is the ability to enter the size of their vehicle into it.

If you want the ability to do this, one of the OsmAnd is an excellent choice. It works well once you enter your vehicle size and choice during the configuration process, which can be done within the settings on your device.

OsmAnd is also a good choice because it allows for easy offline maps. If you’re travelling through Europe, you may not have a mobile internet connection everywhere that you go, so it’s extremely useful to be able to use maps when you’re offline.

The app includes contours, mountains and hillshades which help the navigation process. OsmAnd allows for a lot of details to be entered, so you can easily save your favourite locations and find the most appropriate route for your journey.

We’d choose OsmAnd when we need a precise map for the vehicle size. This is the number one choice for a GPS-equipped vehicle, and it’s especially useful for caravan owners.


Navmii is another choice to consider if you’re concerned with route planning – it’s a well designed app that’s easy enough to navigate.

Once you’ve installed the separate European maps you’ll be able to begin your road trip, with rest areas and traffic data live within the app.

Navmii was designed with larger vehicles in mind, so the vehicle configuration allows for trucks, transport vehicles and caravans.

If you’re looking to avoid low bridges or you have a weight limit with a larger caravan, Navmii can help you identify whether these may be on your route.

You have the ability to add weights or dimensions to your settings, and it’s pretty easy to input information into their system.

Navmii is focussed on utilising information from the community, so when you enter information into the app, other users will be able to

This is another one of the sat nav apps that’s worth downloading if you It’s also good for public transport users as well as caravan navigation.

Common Questions about Sat Navs for Caravans

Can you use Google Maps for caravan?

Yes, you can use Google Maps as a sat nav for your caravan and many people that own mobile homes and caravans love Google Maps. However, most users know about Google Maps, so we’ve tried to provide some alternatives that you may find a little more useful. Some users like to use Google Maps in tandem with another sat nav app.

Can I set Waze for caravan?

You could also use Waze for your caravan, but one of the restrictions of apps like Waze is that it doesn’t allow you to enter the size of your vehicle. This means it’ll assume that you’re driving a car, when you’re actually driving a much bigger vehicle.

Can I tell Google maps that I’m towing a caravan?

Like Waze, there’s unfortunately no way to enter your vehicle size into Google Maps either, which means that you face the same issues. Google Maps does not account for all truck sizes, off-road vehicles, trailers and yep – caravans too.

Are caravan sat navs worth the money?

For some people that travel on their caravan holidays several times a year, it can be worth buying a sat nav to leave in your vehicle and using an app for your mobile phone at the same time. But for most, simply downloading a solid sat nav app that’s compatible with your caravan will be a suitable choice.


The best satellite navigation app for caravans is subjective, and there are various options available for both mobile phones and tablets. Hopefully, our list has helped you work out which caravan sat nav app might be useful for your next trip into the unknown.

It’s always a good idea to download a free or cheap sat-nav app onto your smartphone before you make any big journey, as they can help you to save on both cost but also reduce the anxiety of being stranded between caravan parks too.

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