Best eBay Sniper Apps to download

Searching for the best deals on eBay can become addictive, and there’s good reason – if you bide your time you can often save good money when buying items from the platform.

One way that you can be sure to get the best deals is by online auction sniping, and there are specific eBay bidding softwares that specialise in doing just this.

We took a look at the best eBay sniper tools so you can avoid bidding wars and ensure you’re getting the best price.


If you want a reliable eBay sniper app that works for bid sniping, Myibidder is one of the best options that you can download.

It’s available on both the Google Play store and the App Store, so you don’t need to worry about downloading a full sniping software on desktop. It also works as a Google Chrome extension though, which may be the easiest method of sniping.

The app helps eBay users to track all of their orders and give them the opportunity to get the higher bid in right at the last minute when placing bids.

Myibidder is a free software to download, though the app does ask for donations if you find the tool useful. So, it could be worth testing this sniping service out if you’re looking at using a sniper for the first time.


Another software that you can download and test out for free is Bidslammer. It’s a bidding manager with some great features that works pretty well for getting the highest bid in for the last bid.

You can search eBay auctions from within the platform, and you can easily mark potential sniping opportunities for later. You can also set up search alerts that will let you know when a new opportunity turns up.

You can then set those alerts up with your emails so you get an email every time there’s a new opportunity for bidding.

You even have the ability to track your spending from within Bidslammer, which shows why the app is worth using – you’ll win a lot more sniping bids by using a tool like this, so it’s worth testing the free version out.


Maybe the most well known eBay auction sniper, EZ Sniper is one of the original tools that has been used for decades to try and get that last bid in.

You can use EZ Sniper with both USD and GBP currencies, and you simpl,y eed to enter your eBay username and eBay password into the tool to get started.

Because of its age, EZ Sniper has one of the most complete tools for making sure that you’re competitive in the bidding process.

The app doesn’t guarantee you’ll win every auction you bid on (which is realistically true) but it does work well most of the time.


Goofbid was previoisly one of the best eBay sniper tools, but the platform has declined in recent years.

One of the good things about it is that Goofbid also includes various other ways that you can save money when buying and selling on eBay too.

This includes their “spelling mistakes” tool, which essentially helps you find items that have a spelling mistake in the title.

This means that when buyers search for the item, eBay may not show it because their algorithm doesn’t identify the mistake – a great way to find some bargains.

You can then use the platform to place bids in the last seconds and ensure that you’re bidding on items with low visibility.

Overall, Goofbid is a great eBay sniper tool when it works properly – it may be worth testing out to see if you can make use of the sniping software, though it’s not the most reliable option.


Gixen is a popular eBay auction sniper service designed to help you win eBay auctions by automatically placing your bid in the last seconds of the auction.

This late bidding helps to minimize the chances of a bidding war, aiming to secure the item at the lowest possible price.

Gixen is web-based, meaning you don’t have to download or install any software to use it. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser to set up your snipes.

One of the service’s most significant advantages is its user-friendly interface.

Even if you are new to auction sniping, you’ll find Gixen’s dashboard easy to navigate.

You can add an item for sniping simply by entering its eBay item number, and you’ll receive notifications about the status of your bids.

Gixen offers both free and paid plans. The free plan is quite functional but has limitations, such as fewer server options and a simpler interface.

The paid version, known as Gixen Mirror, provides additional features, including more server options and contingency group bidding.

In a contingency group, you can list several similar items you’re interested in and set Gixen to bid on them until you win one, at which point it will stop bidding on the others.

The service is often lauded for its reliability. Server outages are rare, and even if one server fails, the Mirror service allows a backup server to take over, enhancing the likelihood of a successful snipe.

Overall, Gixen has established itself as a dependable and effective tool for eBay auction sniping.

Common Questions about eBay Sniping Apps

What is an eBay sniper?

An eBay sniper is a tool designed to help you win auctions right at the last second – hence the term “sniping”. This can help prevent bidding wars with other bidders. eBay is a second hand app that specialises is reselling pre-owned goods.

Is eBay sniping effective?

The general practice of sniping is very effective if you use it properly. It’s a good strategy to use, but there’s no guarantee that it will work properly. So, if it’s an item that you really want, you may be better off just bidding on the item as normal.

How can I find the best eBay sniper?

Even the most effective eBay sniper apps don’t guarantee a bid, but there are many of them that work well. The eBay sniper tools that we’ve listed above are amongst the best eBay sniper tools that you can find, so you can be sure that they’re effective.

Does eBay sniping prevent shill bidding?

Shill bidders are those people that will bid on their own products to raise the price, which can effectively pump up the price making other users pay more than they have to for eBay auctions.

Sometimes bidders use this method after they’ve calculated the highest bid. This is another advantage of using an eBay sniper tool, as it allows you to ensure that you’re not being bidded up by another eBay bidder.


If you want to conserve time and energy whilst still getting the winning bid, an eBay sniper app can definitely help. The above mentioned eBay snipers are amongst the most reliable, although remember that they don’t always work successfully.

Hopefully by using the above tips, the highest bidder will not have time to make a counter on your bid and you’ll be able to snipe your way to see. Last minute bidding can be a great way to gain a competitive advantage on other bidders.

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