Best apps for Apple Watch – Our roundup

The Apple Watch has an extensive range of different apps that you can download. This includes useful travel maps, fitness trackers and meditation apps too, all available to download directly to the smart watch.

We’re going to look through some of the best apps that Apple Watch owners can pick up from the App store.

Tiny Armies

Apple watches aren’t really designed to be fun, though Tiny Armies is an app that defies the typical perception of things that you can do with an Apple watch.

It’s a gaming app, and as the name may suggest, you control your own small army and fight in a battle of elimination against your opponent.

It offers solo play, games via iMessage or you can play locally against your friends too as it’s available for Apple Watch, iOS and iPadOS too.

You simply swipe on the display and attempt to catch your enemies pieces, whilst evading their attacks. It’s a simple game, but well designed and plays well even on the small screen.

Though some may find gaming on an Apple watch a little difficult, Tiny Armies is worth downloading for a little extra fun.


Bicycle users and those that rely on public transport will definitely want to download Citymapper to their Apple watch.

The app tracks the public transit system accurately and provides detailed directions on how you can travel to your next destination.

The app has access to all of the schedules of upcoming bus and train journeys, as well as accurate cycle paths

Though Google Maps will be enough for some, having Citymapper downloaded can give you the precise times and location of journeys right on your Apple watch, making it worth the download.


Speaking of cycle paths, both running and cycling enthusiasts will want to download an app like Strava.

The Apple Watch version has a built-in GPS that makes it easy for anyone to track their exercise without having to take their iPhone with them – the cellular version allows you to stream audio or take calls while exercising too.

Though the Apple watch app has quite a basic functionality, it works well for what it’s meant to do – tracking runs and cycles.

Along with Apple’s Workout app and Apple’s Health app, Strava is another one of the best fitness apps for the smartwatch, and definitely worth a download if you’re looking to get a jog or two in.


If you’re interested in mindfulness, Headspace may be able to help you get over the stress and anxiety you feel using its meditation techniques.

The concept involves mindfulness as a daily habit, which helps us relax, increase your focus and get rid of any tension.

Practicing mindfulness involves putting aside the pressure you face on a regular basis. The app includes personalised recommendations based on your performance too, which makes it a little more customised than your standard meditation app.

Whether you’re experienced with meditation or not, it might be worth downloading the Headspace app. It’s easy to set up, and the Apple Watch app works well, giving you quick access to guided meditations that can help you to relax.


There are various different podcast and audiobook apps that you can download and use with Apple Watch. However, for a large catalogue of different books to listen to, you can’t really look past Audible.

Audible has a big library of new releases you can listen to, from podcasts to the newest bestsellers, which makes Audible a top-notch audiobook app.

The Apple watch app will connect with the iOS App if you have no connection, and you can then download Audiobooks to your smartwatch for offline playback.

Nike Training Club

If you’re just starting to get into shape, another one of the best fitness apps for Apple Watch is the Nike Training Club app.

Nike TC is a fitness program that offers workouts for the body and mind, from simple yoga poses through to full home workouts.

Each day you can choose from a range of personalized workouts based on your prior activity, with flexible training programs that you can use for free, even if you have no equipment at home.

There are new workouts available on the app each week, and the app allows you to tone up, and it’s synced with the Apple Health app too. You can also download the Nike Run Club app if you want an accompanying app for cardio too.


There are thousands of apps that are available for you to download onto your for Apple Watch – so many, that it can get a little confusing. Once downloaded, there are multiple cool things you can do with an Apple watch.

However, the best Apple Watch apps are those that we can use regularly in our lives, whether that be for something as important as tracking our health, or just something that adds a little fun like Tiny Armies.

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