Cool things to do with Apple watch

An Apple Watch is extremely useful for tracking your exercise, storing items, and responding to messages.

An Apple Watch can help you accomplish more, though many people that own them aren’t even aware of everything that an Apple Watch can do.

We took a look at some of the cool things that you can do with your AppleWatch to make the most of it.

Use the App Dock (and customize it too)

Though most users won’t think that an Apple Watch is large enough to do what an iPhone does, they are similar in many ways.

One of these is the App Dock, which will store all of your most recently browsed apps to make them easily accessible from your home screen.

It can be also customised to show the apps that you use the most. It is configured to display the latest applications you use, can be extremely useful when it comes to multitasking on your Apple Watch.

Most people use less than 10 apps on their Apple Watch, so you can always access the essentials by using the dock.

Share photos

Though you can’t take pictures from your Apple Watch, you can still use it to view and share photos with your friends. Recent updates have further improved the Photos app, making the sharing of photos even easier.

To share photos via your Apple Watch, you can simply head to the Photos app and scroll to an individual image. Then, select the button on the top right hand corner, which will give you the option to share the photo.

You can then send it Apple’s Messages app, and you can also share it using the Apple Email client too. This is one of the Apple Watch features don’t even think about as “photos” and “watch” typically don’t mix.

Set up for left handers

The digital crown of an Apple Watch is made for right handers that typically wear their watch on the left wrist.

However, an Apple watch has the option to switch the display around, so if you’re a lefty, you can easily switch orientation.

This is accessible from your Settings – first, head into General and then select Orientation. Here, you can switch the setup of your Apple Watch so it suits left handers.

Though it may not seem like a lot, it’s extremely useful for left-handers, as it makes it much easier to manage apps and view maps on your watch.

Stream music without your iPhone

The music streaming feature of the Apple Watch is available on the cellular network, which means you can easily listen to music without having your iPhone on you.

You can connect your Apple Watch directly to your Airpods, and then download playlists in advance or use your mobile data to listen to your favourite tracks.

This is perfect if you want to use your Apple watch at the gym, as you don’t have to worry about having pockets.

Get cardio fitness alerts

Apple is expanding the capability of the Apple Watch all the time, and one key area that they’re focussing on is fitness, via the health app and the activity app.

The heart fitness score on the Apple Watch allows people to estimate their fitness by tracking their daily lives – this can include regular fitness alerts , where your Apple Watch lets you know your heart rate and other cardio alerts.

Though it can be a bit of a pain to set up, your Apple Watch is a great way to improve your fitness using the Health app., especially if you plan on going running.

Track sleep with Apple Watch

Another cool feature that many users aren’t aware of is that your Apple Watch can track sleep automatically.

When your Apple Watch is in bedtime mode, it can help you get into a regular sleep pattern, as well as know how deep your sleep is whilst you’re getting some rest.

Sleep Monitoring and Sleep Focus can also help you to get rid of distractions before bedtime too, which can be extremely helpful if you’re trying to get a good night’s sleep.

Go for a swim

Though not available for all Apple Watches, newer models of Apple Watch have become more and more waterproof over the years, and now they can even become fully emerged in water and still work well.

This means that if you want to use the Health app or Workout app whilst you’rre taking a dip, you easily can with the new Apple Watch.

Calculate a tip (and more)

Another thing that you can quickly use your Apple Watch for is its calculator app – this can be useful for making quick calculations, like when you need to leave a tip at a restaurant.

All you need to do is enter the total amount on the bill and then multiply it by your percentage to work out how much you should tip – super useful.

Stay focused

Focus mode filters out distractions from your job and even your home life, as it can help you to get more done.

You can go into the Settings of your Apple Watch, find Focus and then click to add a new timeframe for your device to enter Focus mode – during this time, you won’t get any notifications on your device.

Whether you’re working or studying, having the ability to block everything on your device out can be invaluable.

Order food

If you feel hungry, you have the option to use an Apple watch to use food ordering services and get some late night takeaway delivered to your house.

Though not all apps are available for Apple Watch users, apps like GrubHub have made it extremely easy to re-order your favourite items with one tap. So if you order the same thing on a regular basis, using the Apple Watch app to put another order in can be useful.


Nowadays, for many an Apple Watch is an essential part of creating a healthy and productive lifestyle. More than just a simple watch, Apple Watches give you the ability to carry a music-playing, email-receiving, fitness-tracking device with us everywhere on our wrists.

When you wear it you have a personal trainer who can measure your movement and health insights and relate it to what you love the most to your partner.

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