Why you need a Microsoft word recovery tool

One of the most excellent benefits of computer technology is the word processor. Generating documents was an extremely time-consuming practice in the past. You had to type everything out on a typewriter. Word processors have made this job infinitely easier. 

There’s no need to buy paper or ink ribbons. Your word processor does not need servicing. Despite this, word processors are far from perfect. For example, remote workers share large volumes of data. Unfortunately, data is often lost or corrupted.

This is why it’s critical that every word user also has a Microsoft recovery tool. This way, you can retrieve and  Repair Word Online

How to Recover Corrupted Word 365 File Online

But why do Word files become corrupted? There are dozens of reasons. Most often, it’s because your laptop or computer has fallen asleep. It may also be because your hard drive has broken. You could also experience the scenario where you deleted a file and emptied the recycle bin. 

While Windows has built-in solutions for recovering lost data, these are mostly inadequate. That’s why we’ve been looking for a reliable way to restore lost Word files. Through trial and error, we have discovered several options. If you’d like to know how to recover corrupted Word file 365 online, then here are a few options for doing this. 

1. Use the Microsoft Word Repair Tool 

Microsoft Word has its own built-in document repair tool. This software can restore lost files and fix those not working correctly. This is Microsoft’s built-in repair tool. That means it’s probably your best option for restoring corrupted Word Files. 

Here’s how to use the tool: 

1. Open Microsoft Word

2. Press Ctrl + O to open your file, or you can click on File and choose Open

3. Find your file and double-click on it. 

4. On the Open button, you’ll see an arrow pointing downward, click on this arrow and choose the Open and repair option. 

Microsoft Word will then attempt to repair and open your file. If this doesn’t work, you can try the next method. 

2. Recover Unsaved Documents

If you’ve activated the AutoSave feature in Word, there’s a good chance your file is AutoSaved. While this is a long shot, it might work. 

Here’s how to find your file:

1. Open Microsoft Word 

2. Go to File Info 

3. Go to Manage version, then click on Recover Unsaved Documents 

4. At this point, all previously AutoSaved files will come up. 

5. Select your document and save it using the File and Save as button. 

While this method might work, please note that your file will not include the last set of changes. Also, your work would be lost if you closed or rebooted your PC. 

3. Restore Text from File 

Microsoft Word has a feature that extracts text from any type of file. Unfortunately, this also includes corrupt Microsoft Word files. While this method may work, just not that it will not recover your images and formatting. 

Here’s how it works:

1. Open Microsoft Word 

2. Press Ctrl + O or go to File and click Open.

3. Find your corrupt file and click on it. 

4. Click on the box titled All Files to open a drop-down list, then click on Recover Text from Anyfile

5. Select your file and click Open

6. Word will process your file and display any text that it can. 

7. If you’re happy with the results, save your file to a new location. 

4. Open with Notepad 

If nothing has worked so far, you can always try Notepad. Notepad is an elementary word processor. This means it can extract text that other word processors cannot. Just note that if this method works, your text will appear in Notepad. Due to this, all images and formatting will be lost. 

Here’s how the method works:

1. Go to the location where your corrupt Word file is saved and select it. 

2. Right-click on the file and go to Open With, then choose Default Program and open the file with Notepad. 

3. Scroll down to Other Programs and click on the arrow that points downward to see all available programs. 

4. Scroll down to Notepad.

5. Make sure that you have unchecked the box titled Always use the selected program to open this kind of file.

6. Click Ok

At that point, Notepad should open with your text. Copy and paste this text into a new word file. An error message may also pop up, indicating that Notepad cannot display your formatting and images. 

With a bit of luck, one of these methods should work. That being said, what we’ve listed here is pretty basic. Unfortunately, most of the time, these solutions don’t work. If that happens, you’ll need one of the following solutions. 

Solution 1: Recovery Toolbox

Online Word Repair is an online RTF repair tool (RTF stands for rich text format.) It allows you to repair almost any file based on this format. This includes Word files, Excel files, or any file containing text. 

It works like this:

1. Click on the Select File button.

2. Enter your email address

3. Click on Next.

4. Allow the tool to repair your file. 

5. Download your recovered file. 

If this online RTF repair tool doesn’t work, there are further options. 

Solution 2: Online File Repair

This site is perfect if you’re wondering how to fix corrupt Word document 365 docx. It’s an Online RTF Repair tool, which can recover text from corrupted Word files. This includes files that were damaged during crashes or by viruses. 

To use this tool:

1. Click Select file and choose your damaged .doc or docx. File. 

2. Enter your email address

3. Wait for the file to upload 

4. Download your repaired file 

Hopefully, this should answer the question, “how to fix corrupt Word document 365 docx. However, if you’re still seeking further help, try the following solution. 

Solution 3: Online File Repair Service

If you need to know how to repair Word docx files, then an online Word file repair service can help. What’s great about this tool is that it works with every version of Microsoft Word. This includes Word 98 to 2019. 

To recover files with this tool:

1. Upload your file onto the website. 

2. Enter your email address.

3. Let the tool repair your file.

4. Download the results. 

Hopefully, one of the above solutions will work for you. If you’ve tried all of these and nothing is working, there is one more solution. 

An Alternative Solution to Your Recovery Problem

The problem with the above solution is that they are free. What this means is that they’re not very good. In most cases, they won’t work. For example, if you’re wondering “how to recover a corrupt Word document 365 from a flash drive”, then most of the above solutions will not work.  

This is why you need something more substantial. Recovery Toolbox for Word is a paid solution that saves you time and money. Don’t be alarmed by this. The tool is affordable for almost everyone. It costs only $39 for the offline tool or $10 per file (up to 1GB.)

Using this tool is simple:

1. Download Recovery Toolbox for Word from the link above. 

2. Install the application onto your computer. 

3. Open the application.

4. Select your corrupted file 

5. Select Analyze 

6. Preview the repaired content and click on Start Recovery

This tool may seem expensive, but it really isn’t. Compared to the competition, it’s quite cheap. This is especially true if you want to know how to recover a corrupt Word document 365 from a flash drive. For example, here are the three closest competitors. 

Product :Price:
Recovery Toolbox for Word$39
Datanumen Word Repair$89.95
Stellar Repair for Word$69
Office Recovery $59 (2-day subscription)


You have several options when looking for a text recovery tool for Word 365 files. Our advice is to start with the free options. These may work for you. If they do not, then you may have to use something more robust. 

In that case, you can move on to paid solutions. When looking for a text recovery tool for Word 365 files, it is generally better to use paid solutions as these are more effective. If you’re looking for a recommendation, go with Recovery Toolbox for Word.

About the Company:

Based in Bulgaria, this company specializes in software development and is also an ISV vendor and distributor. In business since 2003, their multinational team of software engineers has developed tools for data recovery, repair, and backup. The focus of these tools is the ease of use and practicality. 

With more than two decades in business and 100,000 customers, you can rest assured that their products can get the job done. 

General Conclusion

Can I recover the encoded Word document? Believe it or not, you can. No matter how impossible this problem may seem, there is a solution. The tools we’ve presented today make this job easy. 

Don’t hesitate to purchase one of these tools. Don’t wait until you lose data or your Word files are corrupted. At that point, it’s almost too late. You don’t want to find yourself typing, “can I recover encoded Word document” into Google at four in the morning. Get one of the Recovery Toolbox for Word tools now in case of a rainy day. 

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