Why are blocked calls coming through?

Usually, blocking numbers on your mobile phone is a sure way to ensure they can never contact you from that number again.

All phones have the ability to block calls, and it’s usually easily done within your phone settings. However, there may be times where you block a number, but they can somehow still make calls through to your phone.

This can be a problem if you want complete privacy and safety – if he blocked number still manages to call you, here’s what you should do.

How does a blocked call get through?

Sometimes, you may find that you block some phone numbers but they continue to come through to your device.

If this is a voicemail message being left, then this is pretty common – if you block calls through your phone, then it will stop the calls from your end – not their end.

This means that even though you’ve blocked their number in your device settings, they can still make the call to your number, which will ring once or twice and then be redirected to voicemail.

Phones do have an ability to block calls like this, however if you do this through your phone settings, these phone calls may still be received.

If you want to block a number from even being able to make a call, it’s best to do this through your network or phone service provider.

Mobile companies are much better at dealing with spam/harassment calls, so it’s better do block via them. Your iPhone or Android phone can block numbers from getting through to you, but it won’t stop voicemails and potential notifications on your device.

Why do blocked calls still show?

The filter on your mobile phone blocks any phone calls to your number; however, sometimes a blocked number appears in your phone list as a missed call, or still has the ability to leave voicemails on you phone.

As mentioned, this is usually because blocked contacts can still call and send text messages to you, but your device blocks your phone from receiving them in your operating system.

Even when you block numbers on your device, some Android mobiles will still allow you to see missed calls from blocked numbers on your phone.

Why am I still receiving texts from a blocked number?

If you’re still receiving texts from a blocked number on your phone, you’ll want to ensure that you’ve blocked them on all the different apps on your phone.

For iPhones, this includes your Phone, FaceTime, Messages and Mail app – you can do this by going to Settings, then selecting the app and then clicking into Blocked Contacts and ensuring the number is there.

In Android, you do this directly in the Messages app by going to the conversation number you want to block, holding down on the message and then selecting Block.

Can you block no caller ID calls on Android/iOS?

Many of the calls you may be getting on a regular basis will come from unknown caller ID, which can be extremely frustrating as you don’t know their individual number to block them from calling you.

Unfortunately, there’s no way for you to block this number individually, as it’s impossible to determine the other person’s number. What you can do though is block all unknown numbers from calling you, which can be useful if you’re being harrassed.

You can do this on an iPhone by;

  1. First, click into Settings.
  2. Then, select Phone.
  3. Finally, scroll down and tap Silence Unknown Callers

You can do this easily on an Android device by;

  1. First, open up the Phone app .
  2. Select More.
  3. Then, Tap Settings.
  4. Click Blocked numbers, and finally turn off Unknown.

Though you cannot block them individually, this will stop all known callers from getting through to you on your device, which is useful for stopping spam calls or unwanted calls.


Sometimes, you might still receive calls from a number even if the phone number has been blocked. This is rare, but is is possible, and it may cause a lot of trouble.

If you’re still receiving video calls or phone calls from a number, then clearly it doesn’t work for you anymore.

If this occurs, then hopefully running through the steps above should be enough to make your phone more secure, and block those numbers from calling you in the future.

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