Understanding the Value of DBD Auric Cells: Should You Buy Them?

If you were obsessed with playing computer games while growing up, we could bet you have played Dead by Daylight (DBD) at some point. Released in early 2016, DBD is an asymmetric survival horror game developed by Behaviour Interactive. The game became mostly popular among Gen Zs for its interactive gameplay, where one player is set up against four players to survive. Dead by Daylight not only offers unique gameplay but there are also significant other factors at play, including diverse characters, frequent updates, and licensed content from various different horror franchises. 

Interactive Storyline of Dead by Daylight 

Dead by Daylight plays around a unique narrative that intertwines the lives of its diverse characters. The main storyline of DBD revolves around a key character called ‘The Entity,’ a malevolent force in the game who traps both the killers and survivors in an endless cycle of terror. 

The Entity

The Entity is a dark, otherworldly figure that feeds on the fear and hope of the survivors and resides in a realm separated from the world of living. The Entity draws its powers from the emotions of its victims and traps them in a nightmarish realm where they are forced to participate in an endless series of trials. 

The Trials 

The Trials, as we have already mentioned above, are orchestrated by The Entity. In these trials, four survivors are pitted against one killer in a procedurally generated map. And no mistake as the map doesn’t lead to a quick journey. It’s a quick one full of dangerous obstacles and objectives that are too good to be true. As a survivor, your role is to repair the generators in order to power the exit gates and escape the hell hole you are trapped in. However, beware of the killers, as their role is to capture and sacrifice you to the Entity. 


Each survivor in the game lives with a unique backstory that is self-explanatory enough to help you understand why they were trapped by the Entity. Though, there are only a few notable survivors in the gameplay and their backstory is one made to be a legend. 

Dwight Fairfield 

Dwight was a timid and clumsy man in the land of DBD who always struggled to hold even a simple job for his life. He was trapped by the Entity after he was abandoned by his friends and left to wander alone in the woods. 

Meg Thomas

Meg was once a talented athlete living with a troubled house life and was trapped by the Entity while she tried to run away from her problems. However, Meg’s determination and running skills have always helped her survive in the trials. 

Claudette Morel 

Claudette was a gifted botanist and a nerdy introvert who found solace in studying plants. Claudette was trapped by the Entity while she was searching for rare herbs in the forest. 

Jake Park 

Jake was the rebellious son of a wealthy family who chose to live his life in the wilderness. He was abducted by the Entity while living in the woods. 

Auric Cells in Dead by Daylight (DBD) 

Auric Cells in Dead by Daylight is a premium in-game currency, allowing the players to purchase different in-game items, weapons, outfits, and more in the game. The purchase of these items only enhances the gaming experience of the players and does not provide any advantages to the existing gameplay. 

Unlock Characters 

Players can often use auric cells in the game to purchase new characters with unique abilities, perks, and styles. Not only that, but auric cells can also be used to unlock licensed characters from popular horror franchises. 

Purchase New Cosmetics 

Auric cells can also be used to buy any individual cosmetic pieces to complete the looks of any survivors or killers. Not only that, these auric cells can also help players unlock different charms that can be attached to hooks, generators, or any other objects in the game, along with some dangerous weapons they can use to stay safe. 

How to Get Auric Cells in Dead by Daylight? 

There is only way to get access to the in-game currency and that is to buy DBD Auric Cells using real money. You can either buy the currency using the in-game store or rely on third-party platforms to do the same. Occasionally, you can also buy Auric Cells in bundles along with other in-game items. Generally, the price of Auric Cells can change depending on the region and the platform, but here is a general breakdown to give you a slight idea – 

  • 500 Auric Cells for $5 USD
  • 1100 Auric Cells for $10 USD
  • 2250 Auric Cells for $20 USD
  • 6000 Auric Cells for $50 USD
  • 12500 Auric Cells for $100 USD

Wrapping Up 

Dead by Daylight offers its players a unique blend of horror and multiplayer gameplay that continues to captivate the players years after the game’s release. Whether you are playing as a survivor or a killer, Dead by Daylight offers a deep and strategic gameplay with a strong sense of community. 

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