UK’s Best Travel Apps for Planning your Next Holiday

With summer fast approaching, the idea of escaping the miserable British weather and going overseas for a holiday is undoubtedly becoming more appealing by the day. Regardless of whether you are a seasoned veteran when it comes to holiday planning or looking to book your first-ever holiday, there are some apps that you absolutely need to download.

Below, we are going to run through six of the UK’s best travel apps, regardless of whether you are an Apple or Android user or simply travelling to London or going to Australia. All six will assist you every step of the way from picking a destination to finding the cheapest options available for flights and accommodation.

UK’s best travel apps – The top six


Expedia is the best app available to UK customers when it comes to booking an entire holiday at the best prices available. Through Expedia, you are able to plan, book and then manage your entire holiday from flights to accommodation to transfers from the airport.

Countless types of accommodation are listed on Expedia to help users find exactly what they want when they want. After your booking has been paid, users are able to manage their holiday and book extra including car rentals and activities. What’s more, users can earn reward points which they can then use to get discounts on future holidays.

UK's best travel apps


Hopper is the best travel app to have in your back pocket while you are weighing up a potential holiday. The app tracks flight prices in the background and then notifies you when the optimum time to purchase them comes up.

You can set the app up to notify you when prices drop which often results in users snagging a bargain on flights. For people who want to plan ahead, the app is also capable of informing you when prices are likely to increase and/ or decrease.

If you want to, then you can book flights directly through the Hopper app to save the hassle of searching for them through the flight operator. If you choose to do this, then you will pay a small commission fee.


TripIt is an absolute gem of an app for those of us who are unorganised when it comes to holiday planning. Its purpose is very clear and simple – to provide users with a slick and organised itinerary for upcoming trips.

To get the most out of the app you will need to give it access to your email. Then, the app will pick up anything related to your holiday in your inbox (flight times, check-in times, booked trips etc) and organise it into an easy-to-read itinerary on the app.

If you don’t want to give access to your email then you can just forward all holiday-related to their dedicated email address for the same results.

Hotel Tonight

While the likes of Expedia and will bring you results for hotels months in advance at a pre-fixed price, Hotel Tonight is unique in that it provides users with information relating to accommodation that is available for same-day bookings.

Guests who are going on a last-minute trip or are backpacking from one place to the next then this app is going to be your best friend. Last-minute bookings through Hotel Tonight can often be purchased for huge discounts as hotels scramble to pick up bookings for rooms that otherwise be left empty.


Once you have flights and accommodation booked you should consider downloading Viator to sort out your plans for once you reach your destination. The app’s main purpose is to help you search and book the best tours nearby to the area you are visiting.

Once you tell Viator where you are going, the app will bring up all possible trips and excursions nearby. Regardless of whether you just want an afternoon out or a weeklong adventure, Viator will be able to find what you are after at the best prices.


HeHa is similar to Viator in that it’s something you should download once the rest of your trip is planned and booked. HeHa compares travel extras that are most suited to your trip including airport parking and transfers once you land at your destination.

HaHa has countless app-exclusive discounts which you can take advantage of while you can also set up notifications so that you are informed once certain products drop in price. Effectively, HeHa is your virtual holiday assistant.

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