Top Apple iPhone Word Processing Apps: A Comprehensive Review

Every iPhone owner has to work with text. Someone writes and edits articles, someone reviews work documentation, someone adds captions to photos or inserts them into videos. For these and other tasks, you need functional text editors. It is desirable to have a user interface that is user-friendly and intuitive. Many applications meet this requirement – free and paid or with support for in-app purchases.

  1. Bonus – numerous “features” for collaboration. For example, you can create a text file with a table that can be filled in by users from different parts of the country or even the world. 
  2. The main thing is to quickly understand the access settings. As practice shows, it is not difficult at all.

Google Docs
Google Docs is a classic of the genre. The main advantage is access to editing even in offline mode. 

The convenience lies in the fact that documents can be saved to the memory of the phone, sent by e-mail and through social networks. Of the additional functions: inserting pictures and figures, different formatting options, commenting.
 The bigger the screen of your smartphone, the more convenient it is to work in Google Documents. The optimal diagonal size for trouble-free interaction with text is 6.7″, like Apple iPhone 15 Pro

iA Writer
Minimalism is about iA Writer. The design is restrained and modest: no eye-catching buttons, rulers and other “excesses”. The user gets a blank sheet, which can be filled in at his discretion. There is a free trial period, it is enough to evaluate the advantages and find out the disadvantages. 
A favorable environment for text experiments is provided. The program is available for different platforms within the Apple ecosystem. The same documents can be “edited” in parallel on iPhone and iPad or Macbook.

Splitext is an interesting app for those who maintain social networks. With its help, you can create text posts in picture format. Backgrounds are available built-in, with the option to upload from the gallery. Popular fonts are supported, the color palette is diverse. The size of the picture with text under any social network, including Instagram and Pinterest.

This is Apple’s proprietary utility, a universal program in which you can write anything:

  • a motivational letter for college admission,
  • a book with landscape or regular pages,
  • a brochure with a sophisticated layout,
  • a research paper or an abstract, quarterly report.

A huge number of templates greatly simplifies the search for optimal formatting. High-quality blanks for all occasions are provided. There is a function of joint editing in real time. Photos and videos, drawings, audio excerpts and other additions can be added to documents. 

Text editors with artificial intelligence support deserve special attention. They take over the creation of texts in different genres and formats, and the user only has to control the process.

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