The League Dating app review

When it comes to using a dating app to find love, you have various different choices. However, some people find that apps like Tinder are too shallow, and don’t provide them with enough genuine matches.

This is where The League dating app may come in handy. The elite dating app offers a unique experience in comparison to most other dating apps out there, so we checked it out to see what it’s like.

The League dating app review

All in all, the League Dating app is actually very similar to most other dating apps that are available.

The main thing that separates the app from others is that they’re more picky about who joins the League.

More mainstream dating apps will accept anyone, where the League has a waiting list that may take weeks or months before you’re accepted for an account.

It’s usually less for women, as the waiting list is based on supply and demand. But in most other ways, it is similar to other dating apps.

This includes the features that the League Dating app has.

The League Dating App Features Overview

As mentioned, the features are similar to other apps. This includes matching with other users based on a specially designed matching algorithm.

It also includes uploading photos to the platform. When you sign up, you’ll need to link both your LinkedIn and 6 photos to your account if you want to ensure your account gets verified.

The League membership levels

The League offers 4 levels of membership, and they cost hundreds of dollars each month.

This monthly fee alone will put the majority off from using the app. The most expensive plan comes in at a whopping $1000 per month, so this really is a dating app designed for the elites.

Each increasing plan promises more matches and higher quality matches too, though there’s not a dramatic difference between the plans.

Matches daily

The app tries to work out who is most suitable for you, and you’ll then be shown new potential matches on a daily basis.

When you match with someone else in the League Dating app, you have 21 days to contact them via message.

This is a little more than some other apps like Bumble, which only gives you 24 hours to respond after a woman sends the first message.

There’s also a unique feature that will clear all of your dead chats after a two week period. So if it’s turned awkward, the conversation will be removed automatically.

Weekly video dates

Another fairly unique feature that you won’t find in the majority of other dating apps is the video chat feature.

This is a weekly feature the site offers on Sundays, which is essentially online speed dating via the smartphone app.

You can easily join these video dates if you’re a user of the League dating app, and they’re a great way to make new acquaintances.


One of the reasons why The League has become popular is because there’s almost no bots and scammers on the platform (unlike the bots on Plenty of Fish).

This isn’t the case with some other apps that have issues keeping up with new users that register. The League deals with this by requiring you to log in on your LinkedIn account and connect it.

This helps to stop you matching your LinkedIn connections on the platform, as well as ensuring that you’re a real person too.

Has the League dating app been acquired?

One of the most common questions people have recently about the League dating app is whether it’s been acquired by a competitor.

The answer is that yes, The League Dating app was acquired by the Match Group in 2022.

This means it joins a portfolio of other apps which include, Tinder, Hinge and many many more.

We’re yet to see what kind of drastic changes the app will make, but as the user base is similar to those that use Hinge anyway, we’ll likely just see some more features integrated into it.


If you have found Tinder is too loose for you and you’re looking for a serious relationship, The League may be the app that meets your needs.

However, the subscriptions are expensive for a dating service – the exclusive dating app prides itself on being for elite singles only.

If you’re in a major city like London and you’ve run out of dating apps to use, it may be worth downloading to look at prospective matches.

Hopefully this League review has given you the information you need to decide whether it’s the right option for you.

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