The Importance of Checking Emails: A Vital Habit for CEOs and Marketing Professionals

Emails are the modern version of writing cards but with several groundbreaking features, like adding images, links, and instant delivery. Back in the day, in 1993 when the internet bubble exploded, emails were a revolutionary thing, and to some extent, it’s still a huge impact.

Nowadays, more and more people jump to the internet in a fast-paced era where you can easily do an HLR lookup : phone number verification and instant message apps are rapidly taking over the communication landscape, and emails may seem to fall behind, but that’s not the case.

Checking emails might seem like a mundane task. However, it’s a habit that can significantly impact your success, whether you’re a CEO or marketing professional.

In this article, we’ll delve into why checking emails is crucial and how it can enhance productivity, foster relationships, and drive business growth.

Why Email Matters

Emails are the backbone of the economy in some ways, they are an important pillar in modern business communication and are widely used by companies and between companies.

Whether you’re a CEO or a marketing professional crafting compelling campaigns, your inbox holds the key to success on many different levels.

Let’s explore why checking emails is important:

Instant Communication

Emails allow real-time communication across continents. CEOs can connect with stakeholders, and marketers can collaborate with team members seamlessly.

Documented Conversations

Emails serve as a paper trail. Important decisions, agreements, and instructions are all documented, reducing misunderstandings and legal risks.

Global Reach

Emails transcend borders. Whether you’re pitching to a local client or negotiating with an international partner, email ensures your message reaches its destination.

The CEO’s Perspective

CEOs receive critical updates via email: financial reports, market trends, and industry news. Ignoring emails could mean missing out on vital information.

Emails also give you data for strategic decisions. From evaluating proposals to analyzing customer feedback, CEOs rely on their inbox to make informed choices.

CEOs who prioritize email management set the tone for the entire organization. Their responsiveness encourages others to follow.

The Marketer’s Angle

Marketers use emails to nurture client relationships. Whether it’s sharing campaign updates or addressing concerns, email is their lifeline.

Emails keep marketers in sync. They share progress reports, tweak strategies, and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Marketing teams collaborate via email. Brainstorming sessions, content approvals, and project coordination happen in those digital threads.

Best Practices for Effective Email Management

Now, you must be thinking there are ways to manage your inbox, nowadays all of our inboxes look like landmines. This is more noticeable if you never took care of it, but before deciding on creating a new email, let’s clean it.

This will help you set the importance right, ditch the useless, and keep the useful.

Set Regular Times

Choose a time of the day to check emails, it’s up to you when. Most people feel better checking their emails daily, in the morning before going on with their days.

Avoid constant interruptions and maintain focus, use this time to clean your inbox, read, and take notes.


Prioritization is your best friend, whether you are a CEO or professional giving your attention to the important stuff will always be rewarding. Set a priority list for you, and start checking emails based on that.

Give a higher priority to urgent emails, respond promptly to critical messages and delegate routine tasks.

Unsubscribe Strategically

If you have spent a long time with your email and you have not been very active in cleaning it, chances are that your inbox is full of recurrent messages.

Trim your inbox! Take the time to unsubscribe from irrelevant newsletters. Keep only what adds value to you and your business.


Checking emails is far from being forgotten, it’s more important nowadays than ever, it’s not just about instant messages, it’s about staying informed, making informed decisions, and fostering collaboration.

CEOs and marketers who control this “mundane” task unlock a world of opportunities. So, make sure to keep it clean and check it periodically.

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