Why you aren’t receiving verification codes on iPhone

As users of smartphones and iPhones, it’s important that we receive verification codes when we need them.

Having 2FA set up enables us to have an extra layer of security against data leaks, so it’s essential to be able to receive these text messages from

These codes help maintain the safest possible access to your mobile device, stop others from accessing your account with personal data which may be vulnerable.

If your phone has no SMS confirmation, this could be for a variety of reasons.

Not receiving iPhone verification codes

There is no one specific reason why your iPhone does not receive verification codes, however there are a few things that could be causing the issue.

Verification of data by receiving code is commonly used for authentication, and it’s necessary if you want an added layer of security.

Here’s the main reasons why you’re not getting your verification code text messages on iPhone.

Check if SMS messaging is disabled

Sometimes, accidentally turning on airplane mode can stop you from receiving text messages on your iPhone. To resolve this, you simply need to ensure that the flight mode is off.

You can do this in a couple of ways – you can navigate to your Settings panel and select Airplane mode to ensure that the toggle is off.

In the Control Centre of quick-change settings, your smartphone displays a plane mode icon – make sure this is disabled manually.

Once you make sure that Airplane mode is not enable on your device, you should receive any text messages – even if they were sent whilst you was in Airplane mode.

Turn Airplane Mode on and off

Turning your airplane mode off and on again quickly can help to make sure that there’s not an issue with your carrier operator that’s stopping you from receiving verification code texts on your iPhone.

You can follow the steps above to do this – it’s easy for iPhone users to do, and it’ll fix the issue in the vast majority of cases.

If you’re having an issue receiving verification code texts on your iPhone, this is something worth doing.

Turn off message filter

IOS comes with an API that allows developers to identify and alert users about spoofed SMS messages.

You have the ability to filter out specific messages, and there’s a chance that your 2FA message has been falsely identified as spam.

To resolve this, you can go into Settings and then Messages. Next, scroll down to Message Filtering, and then disable the Filter Unknown option in your Settings app.

This should allow you to receive messages without them being filters out.

Make sure you’ve got enough signal

Mobile devices need the ability to connect to a satellite if you want the ability to receive messages on your device.

If you don’t have access to the cell phone signal, this could stop you from receiving SMS messages.

If you have low signal strength, then you won’t be able to get the 2FA message.

The number bars on your phone will indicate how good your signal strength is – making sure that you have enough bars can ensure that you’ll receiving verification texts on your iPhone.

Clear Your Message Inbox

If you’ve been receiving verification code texts as well as a multitude of other texts on your device, there’s a chance that your inbox has become full.

This is more likely to happen on older models of phone that have less storage space.

Since your inbox only has a limited amount of space for messages, it can stop you from receiving messages on your device.

It’s possible your smartphone won’t receive a verification SMS, so make sure that you clear out your inbox to ensure this isn’t the case.

Check if you entered the correct number

Often there’s a chance that you may have entered in the wrong number when you initially set up the two factor authentication.

This causes the loss of a text, and it makes retrieving the verification impossible.

Changing the number to the correct one can ensure that you get the confirmation text on your phone. Recheck the number entered and if there are any errors, make a correction.

If that’s not working, it might require contacting the customer service of your network provider.

Using the above steps should have resolved your issue and enabled you to receive the text message on your device.


If you aren’t receiving verification code SMS on your iPhone, so you’re not alone in this situation – it’s a fairly common occurrence.

We’ve put together the most useful solution for iPhone – hopefully this has helped you determine the reason why you’re not receiving verification code texts on your iOS device

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