Moleskine Journey app review – Worth the cost?

Moleskine Journey is an organisation app, which helps you organise and keep track of your tasks. The app can be used for both personal and professional activities, and offers a great deal of customisation.

Moleskine Journey app review

If you’re looking for the best app for day planning then the Moleskine app may actually be worth checking out. It’s definitely minimalistic in terms of design, but it can be more than enough to organise your daily routine.

Moleskine Journey is a simple and useful app for sorting out your tasks or thoughts. It offers a range of features, and can be tailored according to your personal needs. However, the app does have its setbacks. We’ll go through both the pros and cons of the app in this review.

A Membership Service

Whilst the app is free to download, it is not free to use. After you finish the tutorial section, you will be placed in a read-only mode.


You won’t be able to edit or add any widgets/sections, which means you can’t actually use the app’s features. If you attempt to, you will get a pop-up telling you to purchase a membership.

The membership is fairly cheap at a price of £22.49 per year, therefore the investment is significantly lower than usual annual subscriptions.

They do offer a 1-week free trial, but you must subscribe first in order to access the trial. The trial also seems to be a temporary welcome offer, which is only available within the first 24 hours of creating an account.

This means that new users only have a short amount of time to decide whether they wish to invest in the app.


The app doesn’t offer any extensive explanations for what benefits will come with purchasing a membership. This can make it difficult to determine whether it’s worth purchasing, since there is no way to test the app out for free prior to subscribing.

Purchasing a membership service is quite a high investment, so you should be well-informed before you make your decision.

Unfortunately, the app doesn’t give a detailed description about their membership service. You’ll have to find

Shallow Learning Curve

Moleskine Journey has a fairly shallow learning curve.

Whilst it doesn’t have a fully interactive tutorial, it does has quite an extensive tutorial with interactive elements.

The app begins by simply describing its purpose, which is helpful for letting users know exactly what the app does upfront.

This can help inform users on how they’re supposed to use the app.

Next, the app asks you a series of questions in order to help tailor the app to your personal needs.

This helps users get a good idea of how the app can help them in their daily lives.

The app also gives suggestions throughout this process, which give examples of features that could be useful to you. The app explains how you can use these features, and how they can help organise your tasks.


Some of these suggestions are interactive. You can interact with the features presented in the suggestions. This helps you learn how you can use the features in a more practical sense.

Moleskine Journey also asks you to select starting goals for yourself in the tutorial, which helps you make a head-start with the app. It also helps shape your user interface.


Moleskine Journey also has a very simple UI layout. Sections are displayed as widgets, and all options are simply named. This makes the UI easy to navigate and understand.

Furthermore, the app offers a ‘tips’ option, which contains a series of instructions regarding different features. Each instruction also comes with its own tutorial video. This allows users to have visual demonstrations of how certain features are used, if they’re ever needed.


A downside to the app is the frequent pop-up you get prior to confirming your email address.


This makes for a very disruptive user experience. Fortunately, confirming the email address will prevent this from happening.

However, the constant unprompted reminder can be quite irritating, if you wish to try exploring the app first.

Flexible Usage

Moleskin Journey has a wide range of options available, which can be used for a variety of purposes. These features allow users to customise the app to their liking, and tailor it to suit their owns needs.

The app offers a range of widgets to choose from, which you can use to customise your home page. You can add or remove these widgets as you like, and tailor the app according to your goals.

There are professional-oriented widgets, such as planners and goals.

There are also more personal widgets, such as food diaries and gratitude lists.

These range of widgets can be tailored towards a variety of purposes, and help organise different aspects of your life. For example, a food diary can help you keep track of your diet, whilst a planner can help you create or monitor your schedule.

Additionally, as well as customising the widgets, you can customise the home page’s theme and font. You can also customise the date format, time format, and starting weekday.

This allows users to further tailor the home page’s appearance to their liking.


  • Free to download.
  • Simple UI.
  • Shallow learning curve.
  • Variety of options.
  • Flexible usage. Can be used for both personal and professional means.
  • Customisable home page.
  • Can change the theme.
  • Can change the time and date formats.
  • Offers a free trial.


  • Requires a membership to use. It is a subscription service.
  • Doesn’t give a detailed explanation about their membership, nor its benefits.
  • Free trial is a temporary offer. This gives you little time to decide whether you wish to subscribe.
  • Must subscribe to access the free trial.
  • Frequent email confirmation reminder.

Common Questions about the Moleskine app

Is Moleskine Journey free?

The app is free to download, but it is not free to actually use.

Whilst you can enter the app, and interact with a few of the options, you cannot use any of the app’s main features. You will be placed in a read-only mode.

You must purchase a membership in order to access the app’s features. The app offers the chance to get a 1-week free trial if you purchase a membership within 24-hours of creating an account.

How much is Moleskine Journey?

The Moleskine Journey membership is quite cheap at £22.49 per year.

How do I contact the developers?

Go to to find their request form. Fill it in to submit your query to the support team.


To conclude, Moleskine Journey is a simple organisation app with a variety of features. It allows for a great deal of customisability, which means that users can tailor the app to suit their own needs.

However, the app is not actually free to use. All the main features are locked unless you purchase a membership. The app doesn’t give you much information about the membership, which makes it difficult to determine whether it’s worth purchasing. You also can’t test the app out beforehand.

On the other hand, the app’s membership is quite cheap so the investment would be fairly low. You should still be well-informed of what the membership entails, but you don’t have to worry about wasting a lot of money in case you change your mind. If the app seems like it would be a useful tool for you, consider investing in it.

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