How to Get Started with iPad app development

Creating iPad apps with millions of potential users is the potential future for many new app developers.

The iPad is a trendy and convenient gadget that doesn’t have the same high price tag as a Macbook Pro.

It’s now possible to design and deploy mobile apps that target a huge audience worldwide. And whilst this is possible on the iPad, it’s still not as easy as it could be.

iPad app development platform – Where to Start

iPad app development is better than it’s ever been, but still not as easy as developing apps from a Macbook.

Apple apps are designed with the Swift programming language, which was developed by Apple as an open-source language effectively allowing anyone to learn and develop their own apps.

If you want to develop apps for any Apple operating system – iOS, iPadOS, MacOS or WatchOS, learning Swift is where you should start. And, you should probably check out Apple’s Swift learning resources first.

The most popular way to develop and write Swift code is by using Xcode, another development platform built by Apple to create apps with. This has everything you need to get started with developing apps for Apple devices.

Can I use Xcode on for iPad app development?

Can you use Xcode for iPad app development? Yes. Can you use Xcode on an iPad for app development? No. Two similar questions with very different answers.

Currently, you can only use Swift Playgrounds to develop apps on your iPad device itself.

Apple introduced Swift Playgrounds with iOS15, which lets developers build iPhone and tablet apps by using the Swift Playgrounds platform.

The app will allow for creating iOS apps with a Swift interface. Swift Playground’s application projects offer users a chance to develop apps for iOS or MAC devices from their iPad.

Upon creation, code will show up in live previews and users can test their apps full screen. Though Swift Playgrounds is great for learning, many developers prefer to stick with Xcode for developing apps.

Playgrounds has been a testing feature on Xcode for many years, and it’s generally a great way to see what works when developing an app.

And whilst it’s possible to develop a full app on Swift Playgrounds, the platform isn’t quite there yet. However, this is likely to change with newer iterations of Playgrounds, so we’ll see how it evolves over the next few years.

Use the Right Apple Development Tools

As mentioned, Apple’s official development tool called Xcode is free to download and use.

You’re not allowed to make any of these apps available in stores without a license, however you’re free to explore the system and see how you can create your own apps in the platform.

Apple released Swift as the replacement for Objective-C. As its name says, Swift is a faster platform than other platforms, and learning how to use Xcode – and Swift – is the key to mastering iPadOS app development and iOS app development.


Offering mobile app development services requires a lot of skill and knowledge for both iOS and Android app development. However, it’s even more complex when it comes to designing apps for the iPadOS.

Though you can technically build apps for iPad by using Swift, this is much more limited than using Xcode. So, it’s not quite at the level of comfortably building an app on iPad, but it’s a start.

Additionally, developing iPad apps can be a challenge if customers need the ability to transform the idea into an app that drives company growth. This blog offers some helpful information for developing an iPad App quickly.

Mobile applications enable clients to continue to communicate effectively across a company while improving service while introducing broader modernity and technology.

Hopefully, you can get started with developing some apps for both iOS and iPad too.

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