Imgur alternatives – Apps like Imgur for Image Sharing

Imgur is an online image, video and gif sharing platform where users are able to share just about anything that they think might be appreciated by others.

The platform is particularly popular with those online content creators who make memes and gifs, making it a place where you generally go for a few laughs.

Despite their simplicity, meme’s and gifs are currently as popular as they have ever been. As a result, there are actually a number of websites out there which provide users with a similar experience to what you get when you log on to Imgur.

In this article, we are going to look at the best Imgur alternatives that are currently active and tell you a little bit about each one. Let’s get into it.

Imgur alternatives – The best ones out there


We’re kicking things off with Imageshack, which is actually a paid for service, but don’t dismiss it straight away as it possesses features which might make it worth your money.


Either way, you are entitled to a 30 day free trial when you first sign up so if you like the sound of it after we’ve told you about some of its best features you don’t need to part with your cash until you’ve tried it for yourself.

The main thing which sets Imageshack apart from Imgur is the fact that you don’t have to compromise on image quality, like you have to on Imgur.

This feature makes it a really good option if you are a professional photographer and want somewhere to host all of your images in high resolution.

Another advantage of using Imageshack is the fact that you can choose whether your images and/or photo albums are public or private. The best you can do in terms of privacy on Imgur is set certain images to hidden which means that you need a certain URL to access it.

However, that doesn’t provider users with the same security as a locked, private album/image does.

Using Imageshack is easy enough, too. Once you’ve created an account, to upload images to the website you need to select the ‘upload’ button which is located in the upper right of the screen.

From here, all you have to do is select an image that is saved on the device you are accessing Imageshack from and then resize it to one of their pre-set dimensions if you want to. Alternatively, you can just upload it as the size it already is.


Postimage is a very simple image uploading website that doesn’t even require users to have an account to complete a successful upload.

The platform is free to use, but does have a premium account option if you users want to upload images that are larger than their standard allowance (12mb and/or 10,000 pixels by 10,000 pixels).

Using Postimage is incredibly straightforward. All users have to do is visit the Postimage website and select choose image.

Once you’ve browsed your device and selected the image that you want to upload, or images if you are processing a bulk upload, the website will then upload them to the website.

Once completed, you will be greeted by a number of different links for each image. These links cover all bases from links that can be used for forum thumbnails to website hotlinks.

You are also able to resize your image if you are wanting to use it for something specific, for example on a message board (640×480) or as your avatar on a social media website (100×75).

If you decide to register for an account, free or premium, you will be entitled to unlimited uploads, meaning that you can use this platform as a long term option for storing all of your images.

The one restriction they do place on users is that you can only upload up to 1000 images at one time, however, if you have more than that to upload then you can just do one lot of 1000 first and then the rest in a separate bulk upload.


The final platform that we’d like to talk about which can be used as an alternative to Imgur is Imgbox. Given that they’re pretty close in terms of their names, it is unsurprising that they both offer similar functionality.

The feature that sets Imgbox apart from Imgur, and the other two platforms we’ve discussed in this article, is the fact that you can also upload videos to Imgbox. Game changer.

Just like Postimage, you don’t need an account to use Imgbox however you can register one if you so wish. If you are just going to use it sporadically then there is no need to sign up, but if you are viewing it as a long term image hosting platform then it may well be worth your time to sign up.

Uploading images to the site is just as straightforward as you would expect. When you visit the website you are greeted by a large ‘upload images’ button – select it and then choose which images you want to upload.

Once you have selected your images you can then categorise it, resize it and choose whether you want to enable comments or not.

Most importantly, though, you can choose to add it to a new or existing gallery – max 50 images per gallery.

To upload images via Imgbox, you will need to select the ‘upload video’ button on the top menu bar. This will redirect you to their sister site, ‘Sendvid’ where you will be greeted by a new ‘upload’ call to action which you need to press.

From there, the process is much the same although the process of video uploading typically takes longer.



Everyone’s heard of Flickr, and it still provides an easy way for users to upload pictures and share images with their friends. It’s a great Imgur alternative if you want to share images and videos with your friends.

Though Flickr used to have much higher storage limits for free users, this has changed and the app currently allows up to 1,000 images before needing to upgrade to a free plan. Still, this makes it a good choice if you don’t need unlimited storage.


If it’s simplicity that you’re looking for, you may want to check out as a free image hosting service. You won’t get the advanced editing tools you may find with other free image hosting sites, but it’s a solid enough alternative to Imgur.

You can use Kek for image hosting, album sharing or for shortening URLs too. There’s also a Meme section that allows you to lightly edit your images before you send them to a friend. Though there’s a lack of editing features, it gets the job done if you want a simple image uploader.


After looking at the best three alternatives to Imgur out there, it’s clear to see that there are options available to you if you are looking for a new, fresh platform for image/video hosting.

Imgur is generally just for hosting images – if you’re looking to edit them extensively, you’re better off looking at using Photoshop or a free alternative.

One final point that we would like to make is that while some of the platforms we’ve discussed don’t require users to open an account, we would advise against anonymous uploading. This is because there is no way of proving ownership over any uploaded images if you do it this way.

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