How To Send An Offer on eBay

In the bustling marketplaces of today, online buying and selling have become a norm. Among the pioneers of digital commerce, eBay stands tall as a platform where every transaction is a story of success.

One remarkable feature of eBay is the “Offer” feature, which lets sellers propose prices to buyers, making the buying-selling process more engaging.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve deep into how to send an offer on eBay, unraveling each step for both novice and seasoned eBay users.

Understanding eBay’s Offer System

eBay’s offer system is an innovative tool that aligns buyers and sellers on a price that’s reasonable for both parties.

Instead of a rigid pricing structure, the offer system infuses a human touch to the digital realm of commerce.

Benefits of The Offer System

  • Price Negotiation: It opens a channel for price negotiation which is akin to a traditional marketplace.
  • Rapid Sales: Sellers can expedite sales by sending offers to potential buyers.
  • Customer Engagement: Engages customers in a way that can lead to repeated sales and lasting relationships.

How To Send An Offer on eBay: A Step-by-Step Guide

Navigating through the process of sending an offer on eBay is straightforward once you understand the basic layout of the platform.


Before you dive into sending offers, ensure your account is in good standing and that you have a clear understanding of the item’s current market value.

  1. Research: Look into the prices of similar items on eBay to have a clear benchmark.
  2. Account Status: Ensure your seller account is active and in good standing.
  3. Item Listing: Make sure your item is listed accurately with clear images and descriptions.

Navigating to The Offer Section

After you’re well-prepared, head to the ‘Offers’ section in your eBay account.

  1. Dashboard: Go to your eBay seller dashboard.
  2. Offers Tab: Click on the ‘Offers’ tab where you’ll see a list of eligible buyers.

Sending an Offer

This is where you’ll initiate the process of sending an offer.

  1. Choose Buyer: Select the buyer you want to send an offer to.
  2. Enter Offer Price: Propose a price that’s competitive yet profitable.
  3. Add a Message (Optional): You may add a personal message to entice the buyer.

Strategizing Your Offers

In the world of digital commerce, strategy is everything. Here’s how you can make the most out of how to send an offer on eBay.

Competitive Pricing

Make sure your offer is competitive, especially if there are similar items on the platform. Utilize eBay’s trending price feature to set a fair offer price.

Personalized Messages

Including a personalized message with your offer can build a rapport with the buyer. It’s a small step, yet can make a significant difference in buyer engagement.


Learning how to send an offer on eBay is more than just about making a sale—it’s about mastering a skill vital for digital commerce.

By following the steps outlined in this guide, you’ll not only be closer to making a sale, but you’ll be honing a skill that’s invaluable in the modern marketplace.

Engage with the process, understand the strategies, and let every offer you send on eBay be a step towards a successful ecommerce venture.

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