How to see deleted messages on Discord – Full Guide

Discord is a popular app for messaging and voice calling people. You can send messages through DMs, or through group chats.

You can react to messages, edit your own messages, and even delete your messages. When you delete a message on Discord, it’s gone for everyone.

This means that deleted messages will no longer be visible for anyone. Officially, there is no way to retrieve a deleted message.

Therefore, a deleted message will remain deleted forever. However, there are ways to make it so that you can see deleted messages on Discord.

How to see deleted messages on Discord

There are two main methods for viewing deleted messages on Discord. You can view deleted messages by using the Better Discord add-on, or you can potentially add a bot to your Discord client to recover deleted messages.

Both of these methods are worth exploring for Discord users. We’ll go through them in this article.

Using Better Discord

The first method for viewing deleted messages on Discord is through using Better Discord. You can only use this method on Desktop.

Better Discord is an add-on for Discord, which helps modify the app by offering additional features. You can download the add-on by going to and clicking the download link.


Once you’ve downloaded Better Discord, go to this website and download the MessageLoggerV2 plugin. MessageLoggerV2 is a plugin for Better Discord, which allows to you save all deleted messages.

To download the plugin, simply scroll down on the website until you find it, and click the ‘download’ option.


When you’ve finished installing the plugin, go on the Discord app. Access the user settings by clicking the gear icon, and navigate to the ‘Plugins’ tab.

It should be located beneath the ‘Bandaged BD’ section. In the ‘Plugins’ tab, there should be a list of plugins you’ve installed.

Click the switch next to the MessageLoggerV2 plugin to enable it. You should now be able to save and view your deleted Discord messages.

You can test the plugin out by deleting a Discord message. Keep in mind that you can only delete your own messages.

To delete a Discord message, find the message you wish to delete and hover over it. Click on the three dots, and select ‘delete message’ to delete the message.


Once you’ve deleted the message, you should still be able to view it. The message text will appear as red. After doing this, you can then uninstall Better Discord if you wish.

Using Discord Bot

The second method for viewing deleted messages in Discord involves the use of Discord bots.

Discord bots are bots that can help execute certain actions in Discord, as well as add additional features. There are a few Discord bots that can help you see deleted Discord messages.

We’ll be focusing on the YAGPDB bots in this article. The YAGPDB bot is free to utilise, and allows you to view the 10 most recently deleted messages in Discord.

There is a premium version available as well if you want access to all the features.

You can only add bots to Discord if you have admin privileges in the server. To add the YAGPDB bot to Discord, go to and click on ‘add to server’.


Log into your Discord account when prompted, and follow the steps to add the bot to a server of your choice.

After adding the bot to your Discord server, go on the Discord app and enter the server you added the bot to. In the message box, type -ud – to view your most recently deleted messages.

How to report a user on Discord

Viewing deleted messages on Discord has quite a few uses. You can see lost information, find deleted media, and use the messages as evidence when reporting a user.

If a Discord user is sending inappropriate messages, you can report them and have them dealt with.

To report a Discord user, you need a series of information. You need the user’s ID, the message ID (if possible), the server ID, and screenshots of the messages the user sent (if possible).

You can only access Discord IDs when developer mode has been enabled.

To enable developer mode, open the Discord app and click the gear icon. This should open up the user settings.

Scroll down on the side tab, and select the ‘advanced’ tab. In the ‘advanced’ tab, there should be an option labelled ‘developer mode’.


Toggle the switch for it on to enable developer mode. You should now have access to all Discord IDs.

To get a user ID, enter the server the user is in and look at the right side tab. Find the user you want the ID of and right-click on their username. Select the ‘copy ID’ option to copy the user ID.


Paste the ID somewhere to view it.

To find a message ID, find the message you want the ID of and right-click on it. Select the ‘copy ID’ option to copy the ID. Then, paste the ID to view it.

To find a server ID, enter the server you want the ID of and look in the top left. The server name should be visible there.

Right-click on the server name and select the ‘copy ID’ option. Then, paste the ID to view it.


Once you’ve copied all the IDs you need, screenshot the relevant messages. Then, go to On the drop-down menu, select the ‘Trust & Safety’ option.

Type out your email, and select ‘report abuse or harassment’ in the ‘how can we help’ section. Or, you can select the most relevant option for your issue.


Next, select what type of problem you’re trying to report in the ‘what would you like to report’ section.

Then, describe the issue in detail in the ‘subject’ and ‘description’ sections. When you’re done, add any relevant screenshots in the ‘attachments’ section.


In conclusion, you can see deleted messages on Discord using either a Better Discord plugin or a Discord bot.

Viewing deleted messages can help you recover important information, or help you report a user.

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