How to Remove Reference Code on Shein: Guide

In the realm of online shopping, Shein stands as one of the leading platforms for fashion enthusiasts.

This e-commerce giant has become a household name, especially among those looking for affordable yet stylish clothing options.

As with many online platforms, Shein often implements features to enhance its users’ experience.

One such feature is the ‘reference code’ which, while handy, might sometimes need to be removed for various reasons.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into what this reference code is and provide a step-by-step tutorial on how to remove reference code on Shein.

What is the Shein Reference Code?

Shein’s reference code is a unique identifier attached to specific accounts or links. This code is primarily used for tracking referrals, allowing users to benefit from discounts or other incentives when they introduce new shoppers to the platform.

By using this system, Shein not only encourages users to share their love for the platform but also helps in tracking the effectiveness of their referral campaigns.

Benefits of the Reference Code

  1. Discounts for Both Parties: Often, both the referrer and the referred gain discounts or rewards when a purchase is made using the reference code.
  2. Tracking Purchasing Habits: The code can also help Shein in understanding the purchasing patterns of its users.
  3. Strengthening User Engagement: Rewarding users for their referrals increases user engagement and loyalty.

Why Would Someone Want to Remove It?

While the reference code system offers advantages, there might be instances where a user wants to remove it:

  1. Privacy Concerns: Some users might not want their purchasing habits tracked.
  2. General Clean-Up: Users might want to remove or change the reference codes associated with their accounts for clarity.
  3. Misuse or Fraud: If a user suspects their reference code is being misused, they might wish to remove it.

How to Remove Reference Code on Shein

Now that we have an understanding of the Shein reference code’s significance, let’s dive into the process of its removal.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Login to Your Shein Account: Navigate to the Shein website or mobile application and log in using your credentials.
  2. Go to ‘My Account’: Usually located in the top-right corner, this section houses all the personal settings and options.
  3. Navigate to ‘Referral History’: Here, you’ll find a list of all the users you’ve referred and any associated codes.
  4. Find the Reference Code: Scroll through the list to locate the specific reference code you wish to remove.
  5. Choose ‘Remove’ or ‘Delete’: Click on the corresponding option to remove the reference code.
  6. Confirm the Action: Shein might ask you to confirm your choice. Do so to finalize the removal.

Note: If you face any challenges, it’s always a good idea to contact Shein’s customer support for further assistance.

Tips and Precautions

  • Always double-check before removing any reference codes to avoid unintended consequences.
  • Keep your account details and passwords confidential to avoid misuse.
  • Regularly review your referral history to monitor any suspicious activity.

Alternatives to Reference Codes on Shein

If you’ve decided to remove your reference code but still wish to avail discounts and benefits, there are other ways to do so on Shein:

  1. Participate in Sales: Shein frequently offers sales and discounts on various items.
  2. Join Loyalty Programs: Shein’s loyalty program provides members with exclusive deals.
  3. Use Coupon Codes: Search for Shein coupon codes online. There are several websites dedicated to providing these.


Shein’s reference code system is a testament to the platform’s commitment to enhancing the shopping experience for its users.

Whether you’re using it to gain rewards or deciding to remove it for personal reasons, it’s essential to understand its functionality.

With the insights and step-by-step guide provided above, we hope you feel more empowered in your Shein shopping journey.

Remember, while the reference code is a valuable tool, the most important thing is to enjoy your shopping experience.

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