How to Reduce Price on Vinted

In today’s fast-paced digital world, online marketplaces are making waves, and Vinted stands out as a preferred platform for buying and selling second-hand clothing.

A central question that sellers often have with the platform is: “How can I reduce the price on Vinted to attract more buyers and drive sales?”.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve deep into strategies, tips, and insights that can help sellers optimise their pricing on Vinted.

Steps to Reduce Price on Vinted

  1. Log in to Your Account: Open the Vinted app or website and log in with your username and password.
  2. Go to Your Profile: Click on your profile picture or username to access your account settings and listings.
  3. Access Your Listings: Navigate to the “My Listings” or “My Closet” section, where you can see all the items you have listed for sale.
  4. Find the Item: Scroll through your listings to find the item whose price you want to reduce.
  5. Edit the Listing: Click on the item to open the listing. Look for an “Edit” button or a pencil icon, and click on it. This will allow you to edit the details of your listing.
  6. Adjust the Price: Find the “Price” field in the listing details. Delete the current price and enter the new, reduced price you want to set for the item. Ensure that the new price is competitive and attractive to potential buyers.
  7. Save Changes: After adjusting the price, scroll down and look for a “Save” or “Update” button. Click on it to save the changes you have made to the listing.
  8. Confirm Changes: Go back to your listings to ensure that the price change has been updated successfully. The new price should now be visible to potential buyers on Vinted.
  9. Promote the Listing (Optional): Consider using Vinted’s promotion options to boost the visibility of your listing. Promoting your item can help attract more buyers and increase the chances of making a sale.
  10. Respond to Enquiries: Be proactive and respond promptly to any enquiries from potential buyers. You might also want to let interested buyers know that you have reduced the price.

Understanding Vinted’s Pricing Mechanism

Before delving into specific strategies, it’s crucial to grasp how Vinted’s pricing structure works.

  • Commission Fees: Unlike many other platforms, Vinted doesn’t charge sellers a commission. Instead, the buyer pays a service fee. This setup means that sellers receive the full listing price for their items.
  • Shipping Costs: While Vinted offers various shipping options, these costs are usually borne by the buyer, unless the seller chooses to offer free shipping as an incentive.
  • Discount Offers: Vinted allows sellers to set up discounts for bundles, providing an opportunity to attract buyers interested in purchasing multiple items.

Why Reducing Price can be Beneficial

Understanding the benefits of adjusting your pricing strategy on Vinted can motivate sellers to make necessary changes.

  • Increased Sales Volume: A competitive price can attract more buyers, leading to higher sales volume.
  • Quick Inventory Turnover: If you’re keen on clearing out your wardrobe quickly, a reduced price can expedite the process.
  • Enhanced Reputation: Offering reasonable prices can boost your reputation on Vinted, leading to positive reviews and repeat customers.

Strategies for Effective Price Reduction

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s delve into actionable steps on how to reduce price on Vinted to attract and retain buyers.

  • Research Comparable Listings: Before listing an item, research similar items on Vinted to gauge the average price point. Adjusting your price based on market demand can make your listing more attractive.
  • Consider Item Condition: A brand-new item with tags can command a higher price than something worn multiple times. Be honest about the condition and adjust the price accordingly.
  • Bundle Discounts: Offer discounts for buyers interested in purchasing multiple items and buying a bundle. Not only does this incentivise bulk purchases, but it also builds a sense of value for the buyer.
  • Seasonal Adjustments: The demand for certain clothing items can vary based on seasons. For instance, consider reducing prices for winter clothes during summer to attract off-season buyers.
  • Flash Sales: Periodically offer flash sales for a limited duration to create urgency and drive quick sales.

Engaging with Buyers for Price Negotiation

Engagement is key when it comes to online sales. Here’s how you can use engagement to your advantage:

  • Prompt Responses: Always respond to potential buyers quickly. A swift response can be the difference between making a sale and losing a potential customer.
  • Be Open to Negotiations: Some buyers may request a price reduction. While it’s essential to maintain profitability, be open to reasonable negotiations, especially if the item has been listed for a while.
  • Provide Detailed Descriptions: The more information a buyer has, the more confident they’ll feel about purchasing. A detailed description can reduce the chances of price haggling.

Using Vinted’s Analytics for Price Adjustments

Vinted provides sellers with analytics that offer insights into their listing’s performance. Utilising these analytics can help in making informed pricing decisions.

  • View Count: If an item has a high view count but few offers, it might be an indication that the price is deterring potential buyers.
  • Offer History: Track the offers you receive. If most offers are significantly below your listed price, consider adjusting it to align with buyer expectations.


Learning how to reduce price on Vinted is a dynamic process that requires a combination of market research, engagement, and leveraging platform analytics.

By understanding buyer behaviour and staying flexible with your pricing strategies, you can maximise sales and ensure a rewarding selling experience on Vinted.

Remember, the key is not just to reduce the price but to offer value that resonates with the Vinted community. Happy selling!


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