How to Make Ambrosia in Sims 4

Ambrosia – it’s not just a food of gods, but also a life-saving culinary masterpiece in The Sims 4.

The delicacy has garnered attention from players not just because of its luxurious title, but for the miracles it can achieve in the game.

From reviving the dead to extending life, Ambrosia has taken center stage as a coveted recipe every Sims player should know about.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve deep into the world of Sims 4, unlocking the secrets behind crafting the perfect Ambrosia.

The Power and Mystique of Ambrosia

What is Ambrosia?

Ambrosia is no ordinary dish in The Sims universe. It’s not just about satiating hunger, but it offers Sims the opportunity to bring back the deceased or even reset their age. The dish is crafted using unique ingredients and demands a specific set of skills.

For those up for the challenge, mastering the art of creating Ambrosia can elevate your gameplay to ethereal heights.

Why Ambrosia Matters in Sims 4?

  • Resurrection: Have a ghost Sim? Ambrosia can bring them back to life, rejuvenating them entirely.
  • Age Reversal: Want your Sim to relive their golden days? This delicacy can reset your Sim’s age to the beginning of their current life stage.
  • Monetary Value: The dish itself is worth a good amount of Simoleons. It can be a viable business model for your Sims if they choose to sell it.

Ingredients to Craft the Perfect Ambrosia

Ambrosia isn’t your everyday dinner dish. Its uniqueness lies in its three key ingredients:

  • Angel Fish
  • Death Flower
  • Potion of Youth

These items are not easily accessible, which adds to the dish’s rarity and significance.

Finding the Angel Fish

Angling for the Angel Fish requires a level 10 in the fishing skill. Key fishing spots include the Willow Creek’s river or the pond in the Affluista Mansion.

Cultivating the Death Flower

The Death Flower is a hybrid plant derived from Orchids and Pomegranate. Both can be challenging to find, but with a keen eye and a green thumb, cultivating this rare plant is possible.

  • Orchids: Visit Sylvan Glades or Forgotten Grotto. Your Sim can also befriend the flower bunny during the Spring Fest for a chance to receive an Orchid.
  • Pomegranate: This can be sourced by grafting an Apple tree with a Cherry tree.

Securing the Potion of Youth

The Potion of Youth can be purchased for 1,500 satisfaction points in the Rewards Store. Ensure your Sim completes whims and aspirations to accrue these points.

Crafting Ambrosia: Step-by-Step

Skill Requirements

Before even dreaming about crafting Ambrosia, your Sim should possess:

  • Level 10 Cooking Skill
  • Level 10 Gourmet Cooking Skill
  • Level 7 Gardening Skill (for cultivating the Death Flower)

The Recipe

  1. Preparation: Ensure your Sim’s mood is positive. A focused and happy Sim is more successful in crafting gourmet dishes.
  2. Assemble Ingredients: Gather the Angel Fish, Death Flower, and Potion of Youth. Store them in your Sim’s inventory.
  3. Cook: Navigate to the fridge and select the ‘Cook a Gourmet Meal’ option. If your Sim has the necessary skills and ingredients, Ambrosia should appear on the list.
  4. Serve and Store: Once made, Ambrosia never spoils. Store it wisely or serve immediately based on your needs.


Ambrosia in Sims 4 isn’t just a dish; it’s an experience. Crafting it requires effort, but the rewards it brings are unparalleled.

Whether you’re looking to breathe life into a deceased Sim, turn back the clock on aging, or simply relish in the achievement of crafting such a rare dish, Ambrosia is worth every ounce of effort.

Remember, while the journey to making Ambrosia might be challenging, with patience and persistence, any Sim can master it. So, ready to dive into the culinary world of Sims 4 and craft the ultimate dish?

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