How to Increase Sales Using Bids

Marketers of successfully developing brands use contextual advertising that can significantly increase the visibility of a product. Also, using bids will help attract the target audience and increase sales. For achieving the best results, you need to know how they can be configured. Proper configuration will help optimize bid management and increase the efficiency of the work process. Here you can find what is brand bidding, and how Bluepear’s tool can be used to protect your brand from bidding on your company’s branded keywords.

How bids work

First, you need to determine what exactly is meant by bets. In simple words, this is the amount that the brand owner is willing to pay for a user’s click-through to an ad. The system operates on the principle of an auction. The one who can pay more gets an advantage in the form of a higher position of the ad block.

The lower bid threshold assumes that the ad can be used in the auction, but the probability of its display will be low. The optimal bid is the amount that needs to be paid in order for the ad to consistently appear in the ad block. The maximum bid is determined by the amount that the brand owner is willing to pay for clicking on the ad. When choosing the maximum bid, ads will be placed higher, all other things being equal.

Betting in marketing plays a key role in determining the success of an advertising campaign. A well-chosen bid will increase the visibility of your ads and lead to an increase in conversion. As a result, the probability of switching to a potential customer’s resource will become higher.

Ways to set up bids

Marketers can use different ways to set up bids. They can be set manually for each word. It will take time and experience to become a professional in this matter. However, this setting allows you to fully control the process. All options are set by an interested person who will be able to adjust them at the right time. When choosing this option, a person spends time monitoring and making adjustments.

Instructions that can be useful for manual bid management:

  1. Studying the competitive environment. To do this, you need to find out how much competitors spend on average on the bets that you plan to apply.
  2. Setting the maximum bid. Allocation of the necessary budget.
  3. Monitoring the effectiveness of keywords. If they do not bring the desired result, then you should reduce the bet or completely abandon it.
  4. Rate optimization taking into account market changes.

Automated strategies save you from wasting time on settings. This has a lot of advantages for the user, but a significant disadvantage will be that the system takes over.

According to Forbes, the Apple brand has the greatest value among the largest companies. The value of the brand in the first half of 2024 is estimated at $516,582M. Microsoft and Google are in second and third places, the value of their brands is $340,442M and $333,441M, respectively. Amazon is in fourth place.

Adjustments to current rates

What factors should be taken into account when making adjustments:

  1. Matching the bids to the goals of the marketing campaign. When traffic increases, you need to be prepared to set higher rates. If you want to increase conversions, then you should give preference to a more complex strategy.
  2. The impact of the budget on rates. If it is limited, then you need to set lower rates so that the number of clicks is maximized.
  3. The effectiveness of keywords justifies the use of high bids. If keywords do not produce results, then they should be disabled.

The need to check and adjust rates depends on various factors, the main of which are the goals of brand development and market dynamics. It is recommended to check and adjust the rates at least once a week. During periods of high activity, more frequent checks may be required.

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