How to put apps back on Home Screen on iPhone

Since the iOS 14 update on iPhone, people have been trying to get used to the new app library. 

With the new layout, you can select certain apps to remain on your home screen, and it will keep other apps in the app library in categorised folders – which you’ll need to search for to find. 

If you’ve moved an app into your library, you may be wondering how to move it back to your home screen. Keep reading on for our step-by-step guide on how to get an app back on the home screen on iPhone. 

How to get an app back on the home screen on iPhone

The app library is the new way to organise your apps since last year’s new iOS update,

You can make sure that all of your essential apps stay on your iPhone’s home screen, which is useful as you’ll never have to worry about a missing app.


The app library cleverly organises all of your apps into folders to make them easier for you to find. For example, you may have a folder for games, social, entertainment, shopping, and so on. 

Your phone will organise these apps for you, so you can’t change the names of the folders or change where it stores each app.

This is pretty annoying, so hopefully, they’ll offer some more customisation in the next update. 

If you have an app in the library you would like to move on to your home screen, do the following steps:

  1. Find the app in the app library by searching for it in the search bar, or go to the relevant folder.
  2. Hold down the app until it is highlighted, and you have the options.
  3. Tap ‘Add to Home Screen
  4. Go back to your home page and hold down the app again until the options appear again.
  5. Tap ‘Edit Home Screen
  6. Drag the app around your Home Screen until you find where you would like to place it

Just because you add an app to your home screen, doesn’t mean it’ll always be there when you unlock your phone.

It could be on your last home page, meaning you’ll need to scroll through to the end to find it on your hidden home screen pages.

You can also opt to reset home screen layout on your iPhone too – this will take your home page back to how it was originally.

How to move an app back to the app library

If you have an app on your home screen, you may wish to remove it to make space for something else. This is just as easy as moving on to your home screen. 

To remove an app from your home page into your app library, follow the steps below:

  1. Find the app on your home screen hold it down until you see the options.
  2. Tap ‘Remove App
  3. Tap ‘Remove App From Home Screen

Once you do this, the app will no longer appear on your home screen, but you can still find it in the app library by searching for it or navigating to the relevant folder. 

How to remove an app completely from iPhone

You may wish to completely remove an app rather than just hide it in your app library. This is also very easy to do. 

To delete an app in iPhone,

  1. Find the app on your home screen or in the app library and hold it down until you see the options.
  2. Tap ‘Remove App
  3. It will then show a pop-up asking if you are sure you want to delete the app, tap ‘Delete App’, to delete it.

Remember that this will also clear the data from your app, and if you wish to re-install it, you’ll need to log back into the app to get back onto your account. 

So make sure that you know your login details for your apps before you delete them.

Can you customise your iPhone Home Screen?

Although the app library isn’t very customisable with the new iPhone updates, the iPhone home screen now has more options to customise than ever before.

You can now add widgets, themes and colour palettes to your iPhone home screen to become more aesthetically pleasing and unique – remember, there’s a difference between an app and a widget.

We’re not designers here, but here’s a great article detailing how exactly you can customise your home screen on an iPhone with the new iOS updates.


The new update lets you select your favourite or most-used apps to show on your home screen. It will keep the other apps in your app library.

To get to your app library, you’ll need to slide all the way to the left on your home screen – this is where you may find a hidden app.

The recent iPhone updates to the home screen and the app library are certainly a little tricky to get your head around at first, but by taking a few moments to play around a little, it’ll make sense soon. 

We hope we’ve answered your questions here about how to get an app back on the home screen on an iPhone.

But, if you’re still having issues then get in touch with Apple Customer Support and hopefully, they can fix your issue soon. 

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