How to change your name on the Twitter app (Display & Username)

Twitter is a well-known social media platform, where users can post text, images, videos, and more.

Users can interact by liking, retweeting, or commenting on each other’s posts. They can also follow others’ accounts, and communicate through direct messaging.

The platform can be used for both personal and professional purposes.

Whilst Twitter is largely used as a personal space for expressing opinions, it is also utilised by many businesses for marketing purposes. It is a good platform for gaining traction and building a brand.

The app offers various customisation features for your account page, including adding/editing your header image, profile image, display name, and bio.

Depending on the purpose of your account, these customisation features are useful for shaping your account’s image. Accessing features is easy to do on the Twitter app.

How to change your Twitter Display Name in the app

You may wish to change your display name, as it is initially set as the name you registered your account with.

You may also have changed your mind about what your Twitter name should be. Changing your name on the Twitter app is a short and simple process.

Step 1: Firstly, open the Twitter app and press on your profile picture in the top-left. This opens up a side tab.


Step 2: Next, press on your profile picture at the top of the side tab. This opens your profile page. Alternatively, you can press on the ‘profile’ option on the side tab to achieve the same result.


Step 3 – Then, press the ‘edit profile’ option next to your profile picture. This opens up the profile settings.


Step 4Press on your Twitter name, which should be next to the word ‘name’. Or, if you don’t currently have a Twitter name, press on the space next to the word ‘name’.

This brings up your keyboard. You can now edit your Twitter name.


Step 5 – Finally, after changing your Twitter name, a ‘save’ option should appear in the top-right. Press it to save the changes to your Twitter name.

Or, if you’ve changed your mind and wish to discard the changes you’ve made, press cancel to abort the process.


How to change your username on the Twitter app (Twitter Handle)

Alternatively, you may wish to change your Twitter username. This is the Twitter handle others use to @ you with.

So, when you’re mentioned in a tweet, or commenting on a post, your username will be displayed. Therefore, you should make sure that you’re happy with your Twitter username.

Especially since it gets randomly generated using the name you registered your account with as a starting point – this can leave you with a pretty strange Twitter handle.

As usernames must be unique to each account, the generated username will most likely end with a series of numbers. This can be unpleasant to look at, and seem impersonal.

Using someone’s Twitter handle is one of the easiest ways to search tweets from a specific user. So, most users will choose to alter their default username to unique name of their choosing.

This won’t have an effect on your existing followers, as they’ll still be following your account, even if you do change your Twitter handle.

Changing your username doesn’t affect your display name, and vice versa. Altering your username is a bit more complicated than altering your display name, but it is still a simple process to undertake – here’s how you change your Twitter handle.

Step 1: Firstly, press on your profile picture in the top-left. This opens a side tab. Scroll all the way down on the side tab.


Step 2: Press the ‘settings and privacy’ option. This opens up the settings.


Step 3: Press the ‘your account’ option to access the account settings.


Step 4: Press ‘account information’ to access your account details.


Step 5: Press the ‘username’ option. This opens your username settings.


Step 6: There are two sections here. There is a ‘current’ section, and a ‘new’ section.

Look under the ‘new’ section, and press the space next to the word ‘username’. This causes a notice to appear. Press ‘continue’ to close the notice.


Step 7: Press the space next to the word ‘username’ again. This brings up your keyboard. You can now type in your new username.


Step 8: Be careful when choosing a new username. Each username must be unique. As you type, there may be an exclamation mark next to where you’re typing.

The exclamation mark signifies that the new username has already been taken by another user.

This means that the username is not available for use. You cannot save your new username if this error is showing.

Try either adding some numbers, or a specific year, after your new username. This usually makes the username unique.

Or, you can try using two or three words that don’t conventionally go together.


Step 9If your new username is unique, a check mark should appear next to it. This means the name is available for use.

A ‘done’ option should appear in the top-right. Press it to confirm your new username.


Ensure that you want this new username, as altering it means that your old username will be made available to other users. You may not be able to reclaim it if you change your mind.


To conclude, changing your display name is very easy to do on the Twitter app. Display names aren’t required to be unique like usernames are.

Thus, changing your display name is less of a challenge. You can also alter it more frivolously or frequently, as a result.

On the other hand, altering usernames is more of a task. The process is longer, and it has more consequences.

Usernames must be unique to each account, so choosing a new username can be difficult as many are already taken.

Additionally, after changing your username, you may not be able to reclaim your old one if you want it back.

Another user may have already taken it by that point, so you have to make sure you really want a new username before committing to changing it.

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