How to Backup iPhone Photos to External Hard Drive on Windows 10: Handy & Safe Way

Why do I have to backup my iPhone to an external drive in Windows 10?

For those familiar with using the iPhone, the great capability of this device is amazing. The powerful camera of the iPhone allows you to easily capture the beauty of life and record the moments needed for work or study.

As the number of images stored on your device increases, you will need to have a reliable way to back up. Saving your iPhone images to an external permanent disk is a great choice.

Appropriate bonus: Booking photos to an external drive allows you to connect to computers, TVs and other browsers for easy viewing at all times.

Save device space: Backing up your photos to an external permanent disk will not take up space on your iPhone or computer and still have more space for more information on your device.

Privacy: When saving images to an external disk, you do not need to worry about losing data if your iPhone is missing or deleting some albums accidentally.

So backing up to an external hard disk is a better option. However, for some users with Windows 10 computers, this process may be a little tricky due to compatibility issues between iOS and Windows devices.

But don’t worry, this article will introduce useful and free third-party software and provide detailed instructions to help you do this easier.

Best iPhone Backup Software – FoneTool

When it comes to backing up your iPhone, having secure and reliable software is very important. The right thing is iPhone backup software. How can you effectively back up your phone data, including photos and videos? FoneTool is the best answer.

Ultra-Fast Backup Speed: FoneTool provides a higher data switching speed than any other software in the industry. The high quality images can easily back up in minutes.

View and select files for booking: You can easily take all photos on your iPhone from your Windows 10 computer and select the information you want to book, which will allow you to protect your information.

Flexible backup options: With Selective Backup, you can save photos, videos, music, calls and text, or you can recover all iPhone data.

Personal Backup Path: You can choose any method on your computer to store electrical data or easily save data to an external permanent drive or otherwise.

Easy to recover: After successful recycling, you can reset on any iOS device if needed even if you use a different Apple ID.

Comprehensive compatibility: FoneTool is compatible with a variety of iOS devices and systems as well as the latest systems to ensure easy scanning and performance.

How to Backup iPhone Photos to External Hard Drive on Windows 10

Once you’ve learned about FoneTool’s powerful features and numerous advantages, you can understand why it’s considered the best iPhone data backup software. Then you can follow our detailed steps to easily finish the iPhone backup task.

Step 1. On a Windows 10 PC, download FoneTool > Connect iPhone and external hard drives to your computer > If necessary, tap Trust on your iPhone.

Step 2. Start FoneTool > Go to the main interface and choose Phone Backup > Select Selective Backup, and then click Get Started.

Note: If necessary, choose Phone Transfer > iPhone to PC to move your photos, videos, contacts and music from your iPhone onto your computer or external hard drive.

Step 3. Click on the Photos icon to view the photos on your iPhone. Select the required data and click OK.

Step 4. To change the location of your iPhone backup to the external hard drive, tap the settings for the backup storage path, then click the Start Backup button to start it.

Once the process is complete, visit My Backups page to view, delete or restore the backup as you want.

Final Words

Now you know how to backup iPhone photos to external hard drive Windows 10. And FoneTool will be a great assistant for easy completion of the process on your Windows PC. You can choose the Selective Backup feature under the Phone Backup to accomplish the task. Now you can try to experience the huge features!

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