Great apps for tracking your VPS status

Finding a good hosting provider with a VPS plan that can cover the needs of your website is not an easy thing to do, and it can take up a lot of energy. In addition, you need to further manage and monitor the server’s performance.

No matter where your server is located, whether it’s VPS in the UK or Hong Kong, you can use VPS tracking applications to make your life easier.

In this article, we’ll look at the best tracking apps for your VPS so that you can find one best suited for you. But first, let’s talk about how VPS monitoring can be vital to the operational capacity of your server.

VPS tracking apps and why they’re important

The performance of your website largely depends on how well your server functions; there’s no way around it.

In this regard, tracking apps monitor the server’s resources and parameters like CPU, and requests your server receives. With this data, not only can you maintain the server’s performance, but also the way your website influences the activity of the VPS in terms of load and functionality.

VPS tracking apps also allow witnessing your server processes in real-time. This feature can be extremely useful for some people since it allows you plan how to approach the server modifications and resource upscaling better.

Monitoring software can also notify you about vulnerabilities that are present in your server’s and website’s security, which inevitably helps prevent unwanted breach incidents.

Best tracking apps for your VPS

We want to give you the list of the best tracking apps for your VPS, so that you can choose the one that would work best for you.


DataDog is a server monitoring system that provides metrics from apps, networks, and servers. It offers automation, monitoring, and bug tracking tools among others.

With DataDog, users can monitor the server usage and optimize it for better functioning. One can track requests toward a server, and how it responds to those requests: whether there are signs of latency or performance irregularities. All of the parameters are presented through visuals that offer a unified view of different sources like server metrics and application data so that it’s clear what exactly needs your attention. This way you can see how different sources influence the performance of your VPS.

DataDog also has an alert system, which you can modify in a way that shows the status notifications from the area you want to focus on. In general, you can customize analytics to make using the app easier for you.

DataDog is easy to install but can be complex to use, especially for new users. However, once you’re accustomed to it, you discover how versatile the app is, and how many areas it can cover.

You can download DataDog from AppStore and Google Play.

New Relic

New Relic gives you a complete overview of your infrastructure all in one place. This app is much more focused on server monitoring than most solutions out there.

New Relic is great at showing how everything within your server environment connects, as much as it provides a flexible framework that is easy to integrate with different systems such as AWS, MySQL, NGINX, Prometheus, and others.

The New Relic setup is quite straightforward and takes up to 10 minutes max. After you optimize the application, you can see how various structures correlate and what affects their individual and unified workload; New Relic is particularly convenient for users who work with the container ecosystem.

It also has an alert system that is quite effective, but less susceptible in terms of personalization.

New Relic is available on both AppStore and Google Play.

OP Manager from MachineEngine

OP Manager from MachineEngine is an easy-to-use server monitoring software that is more focused on network health but provides server analytics as well, in correlation to network activity. It displays the details of the network traffic and end-to-end server network tracking.

One feature that not many server tracking solutions have is the monitoring of physical devices, their network connection, and related IP addresses of routers, firewalls, storage devices, etc.

OP Manager constantly tracks your network activity and gives valuable insights into how you can optimize it better about your server.

You can download OP Manager from AppStore and Google Play.

Compass by OpenNMS

OpenNMS is an open-source network monitoring application that can be used to track VPS vitals. It can keep up with thousands of data points relevant to how and how well online protocols and services are working. Plus, OpenNMS is highly customizable, particularly in terms of UI and XML scripting, which makes it a great option for those who have various needs.

Its enterprise nature is seen through informative reports and visualization techniques such as database reports, graphs, dashboards, etc.

This software works with multiple data protocols like SQL, HTTP, HTTPS, VMware, Prometheus, and others.

The Compass app allows monitoring the network latency and functionality from multiple perspectives. But probably one of the most convenient features of OpenNMS is the ability to support multiple devices.

You can download Compass through  AppStore and Google Play.

ZBX Viewer

ZBX Viewer is based on Zabbix – an enterprise-level software of the open-source nature that monitors multiple parameters of the server and network.

The application supports dedicated servers, virtual private servers, and cloud-based servers. With it, you can get information on CPU performance, disk space usage, and network stability. In terms of security, Zabbix allows you to conduct various security checks to ensure that protocols like SSH are operational. It also has a notification system that alerts the user if any cyber protection is flawed so that one can take action to get it back online.

ZBX Viewer is also beginner-friendly in terms of learning and setting up; so one can find their way across the platform in the shortest time. The visualization capabilities of the app are also extremely helpful for both new and experienced users.

ZBX Viewer is currently available for iOS and MacOS.


Your VPS will most definitely benefit from a reliable and convenient tracking system, since it allows you to keep your server operational, ensuring it fulfills its full potential.

Ultimately, if monitoring applications will make your life and the server management part of it easier, why not try it?

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