Exploring the World of Educational Apps: What’s Best for UK Students?

The world of educational apps is interesting in that technology used to be frowned upon by the education system, whereas now it is very much embraced. While there may still be an argument for textbooks and revision notes, there are some apps out there that are more effective when it comes to education.

The following six apps are beneficial to students of all ages from primary school level to degree level. If you are a UK student and are looking to improve your chances of smashing upcoming exams and/or coursework then take a look and consider downloading a few. You won’t regret it.

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Educational apps: Six of the best


Duolingo is one of the most popular apps in the world across all genres. The app is an excellent way for people of all ages and abilities to learn foreign languages in a fun, interactive and engaging way. Regardless of whether you are someone who regrets not taking your foreign language class seriously back in school or a current student looking to hone your craft, this app is going to be hugely beneficial.

Duolingo is presented like a game where users progress to the next ‘level’ by completing interactive tasks related to the language they are trying to learn. There are usually around five ‘lessons’ per level which users have to pass to move on. By ‘passing’ you are subconsciously learning more which makes this a fantastic way to learn a new language.

Khan Academy

Back in 2004, Sal Khan was tutoring one of his cousins when he realised how beneficial technology could be in the classroom. As a result, he created “The Khan Academy” which is now an app that boasts over 8,000 video lessons and teaching resources for a wide range of subjects including maths, science, history and more.

The app recognises that hour-long lessons are perhaps archaic in the modern world where attention spans are shorter than ever before. Therefore, the lessons you’ll find on the Khan Academy are quick, short and to the point to help users understand everything they need to with minimal fuss.


Anyone who has ever spent hours making revision notes in preparation for a big exam should put their notepad and pen away and download Quizlet. This app is effectively one big revision platform that allows users to make digital notes and flashcards quickly.

The app incorporates features such as images, diagrams, and even audio uploads which means you don’t even have to type out your revision notes anymore, never mind handwrite them. What makes the app even better is the fact you can share your flashcards with other users and vice versa to speed up the revision process.


Read Along

Read Along is a great app for young children who are just starting out on their reading journeys. The app teaches children the alphabet and how to read certain words and sentences through the help of a virtual, animated friend called Lucy.

The app works by rewarding users when they correctly read letters, words, and sentences by giving them stars to unlock new challenges and stories. Over the years, the sound/audio recognition has improved greatly to make it a worthwhile app to download if you have children aged between 2-7.


Like many great educational apps, PhotoMath was the brainchild of a father who was struggling to explain mathematical equations to his children. Therefore, this app is all about helping children with maths problems by breaking them down into the simplest formats possible.

To use Photomath, users must scan/take a picture of the sum they are struggling with. The app will then register the sum before providing the answer and a breakdown of how you would go about getting to it. It’s not only a useful app to have for children, but it’s also good for parents if they are finding it tough to help their kids out with maths homework.

Magic Piano

We started off this list by talking about a language app and we’re finishing it by discussing a music app. Magic Piano is different from the other apps mentioned in this list in that it’s all about teaching users how to play a musical instrument but it’s extremely educational nonetheless.

To use the Magic Piano app, you just have to download it, pick a song you want to learn and then tap the relevant keys when they flash up. Before you know it, you will be able to play all of your favourite tunes on this virtual piano.

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