Do not disturb keeps turning on iPhone – What to do

Do Not Disturb mode can be one of the most useful features on iPhone, as it can be used to quickly turn your phone onto silent without having to adjust your settings.

However, there may be times where your iPhone switches into Do Not Disturb mode without you realising it. This can result in missed calls and messages, which can be frustrating.

In this case that your phone automatically turns itself to Not Disturb mode, there’s a couple of reasons why this might happen. Here’s the best way to resolve this issue.

iPhone Keeps Switching to Do Not Disturb

If your iPhone keeps switching to Do Not Disturb mode, there’s four things that you can do to resolve the issue.

The cause is probably something to do with the Settings app on your iPhone, as if you don’t have them set up properly, the Do Not Disturb function may not work as it should.

Several iPhone users have reported this as a problem with more recent iOS releases, so it does seem to be a pretty common issue. If you’ve experienced similar difficulties, do this.

Check restrictions

You may find the iPhone switching to Do Not Distract mode because the applications or the service have other wrong settings or something.

You can do this using this simply by following this step-by-step guide.

  1. First, Tap Settings.
  2. Next, Scroll down to the Do Not Disturb option.
  3. Here, you can play with the DND settings to adjust them to your preference. Make sure all the settings indicate that Do Not Disturb mode is switched off.

Often, you’ll find that the Do Not Disturb feature has been enabled for specific times in the day – you can adjust this from within your Settings app.

You should be careful about using the option Do Not Disturb while traveling, as it could mean that you miss important information via message or email.

Restart your iPhone

Rebooting your iPhone has been deemed to be one of the best, most accurate solutions to many iPhone issues, and it works well for this do not disturb issue too.

Quickly restarting your iPhone will be sure to get rid of the bugs in the app, and it should resolve any issues with Do Not Disturb being stuck on too.

You can do this pretty easily by holding down on the Power button to restart your iPhone.

Then, scroll the slider from the left to the right until the phone turns off. Once turn, switch your iPhone back on again.

Reset all settings

If this is a long term ongoing issue, you can reset your iPhone’s default settings for your device to get it back to normal.

Be aware that doing this will end up getting rid of any iPhone customizations that you’ve made on your phone, so it’ll be like starting from scratch again – dramatic, but potentially necessary if your device won’t switch out of DnD mode.

You can do this simply by;

  1. Launching the settings option in your menu.
  2. Click General.
  3. Then, click on Resetting All Settings.

You may be asked to enter the passcode and confirm this operation if you want to ensure that it clears properly.

Update your iPhone

The problem may be triggered by an old version of iOS that you’re using on your device. Your iPhone and apps should update automatically, but this isn’y always the case.

This is pretty common with iPhones, as if you have an older version installed, it can have bugs – this can cause issues with the Do Not Disturb feature.

The good thing is that you can easily update your iPhone, simply;

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Then, select General.
  3. Finally, scroll down and select Software Update.

After you’ve done this, your iPhone will update to the most recent version of iOS, which will fix do not disturb mode when it automatically turns on.


Do Not Disturb, or DND, is available on most smartphones or tablets. it is used to help prevent distractions, as calls and notifications will disappear when you turn Do Not Disturb mode on.

However, if it automatically turns on when you haven’t intended it to, there’s a few things that you can do to resolve the issue.

When activated, the feature can actually be extremely useful, as it allows you to experience time away from your text, phone calls, alerts and other notifications.

So, whilst this feature can be helpful for meetings and bedtimes, most of the time users don’t want it enabled – hopefully the advice above was helpful in resolving the problem.

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