Counter-Strike 2 Tournaments You Can’t Miss

Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) has taken the esports world by storm, continuing the legacy of its predecessor with enhanced graphics, improved mechanics, and even more intense gameplay. As the CS2 competitive scene grows, numerous tournaments are drawing attention from fans worldwide. If you’re a CS2 enthusiast or new to the game, knowing which tournaments to watch is crucial. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the must-watch Counter-Strike 2 tournaments that you shouldn’t miss.

1. ESL Pro League

The ESL Pro League (EPL) is a cornerstone in the Counter-Strike competitive scene. Known for its high-stakes matches and top-tier teams, the EPL is a tournament that every CS2 fan should follow. With a history of producing some of the most memorable moments in CS esports, the transition to CS2 has only heightened the excitement. The league spans several weeks, featuring teams from all over the world, each vying for a substantial prize pool and the prestigious title.

Why Watch?

  • Top-tier competition: The best teams from around the globe participate.
  • High production value: ESL ensures a premium viewing experience.
  • Unpredictable outcomes: The dynamic nature of CS2 adds an extra layer of unpredictability.

2. BLAST Premier

BLAST Premier is another marquee tournament in the CS2 calendar. Renowned for its innovative format and engaging production, BLAST Premier offers a unique viewing experience. The tournament is divided into two seasons per year – Spring and Fall – culminating in the highly anticipated Global Final. BLAST Premier consistently showcases thrilling matches and storylines that captivate the audience.

Why Watch?

  • Innovative format: The tournament’s structure keeps fans on the edge of their seats.
  • Engaging content: BLAST’s production includes player interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and more.
  • High stakes: Each season concludes with a massive prize pool and intense competition.

3. PGL Major

The PGL Major is one of the most prestigious events in the CS2 circuit. Majors are the pinnacle of Counter-Strike competition, and the PGL Major is no exception. Featuring the best teams globally, this tournament offers unparalleled action and drama. Winning a Major is the dream of every CS2 player, making it a highly competitive and thrilling event.

Why Watch?

  • Prestige: Majors are the most coveted titles in CS2.
  • Best of the best: Only the top teams qualify, ensuring high-quality matches.
  • Historic moments: Majors often produce unforgettable highlights.

4. DreamHack Masters

DreamHack Masters is a series of international tournaments known for its exciting matches and vibrant atmosphere. Held in various locations around the world, DreamHack Masters brings together top teams and passionate fans. The tournament is famous for its festival-like environment, combining esports with other gaming and tech-related activities.

Why Watch?

  • Global reach: Events are held in multiple countries, showcasing international talent.
  • Festival atmosphere: DreamHack Masters offers more than just esports, making it a holistic experience.
  • High-level play: The competition features some of the best CS2 teams.

5. IEM Katowice

Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) Katowice is a legendary event in the esports world. Hosted in Poland, this tournament is synonymous with high-stakes matches and a passionate crowd. IEM Katowice is often regarded as one of the most significant events in the CS2 calendar, attracting top teams and a massive viewership.

Why Watch?

  • Historic venue: Katowice is known for its incredible fan atmosphere.
  • Elite competition: Only the best teams compete at IEM Katowice.
  • Memorable moments: The tournament has a history of iconic plays and upsets.

6. Flashpoint

Flashpoint is a relatively new addition to the CS2 tournament scene but has quickly made a name for itself. It boasts a unique format and is partly owned by the teams, which ensures a player-focused approach. Flashpoint offers a fresh take on CS2 tournaments, emphasizing entertainment and high production standards.

Why Watch?

  • Player-focused: The tournament structure prioritizes players’ interests.
  • Innovative approach: Flashpoint offers a different viewing experience compared to traditional tournaments.
  • High-quality matches: Despite being new, it attracts top-tier teams and talent.

7. Funspark ULTI

Funspark ULTI is an emerging tournament series that has garnered attention for its competitive matches and significant prize pool. Although not as established as some other tournaments on this list, Funspark ULTI has shown potential to become a staple in the CS2 competitive scene.

Why Watch?

  • Rising tournament: Catch the action as Funspark ULTI grows in prestige.
  • Competitive play: The tournament features strong teams and intense matches.
  • Potential for upsets: Emerging tournaments often bring unexpected results.

8. Epicenter

Epicenter is known for its grand production and thrilling matches. Held in Russia, this tournament draws some of the best teams from around the world. Epicenter is celebrated for its excellent organization and the high level of competition it showcases.

Why Watch?

  • Grand production: Epicenter is known for its impressive stage setups and visuals.
  • Top-tier teams: The tournament attracts elite teams, ensuring high-quality matches.
  • Exciting gameplay: The format and stakes lead to intense and entertaining games.

9. StarLadder Series

The StarLadder Series is a well-established tournament circuit in the CS2 scene. With various events held throughout the year, StarLadder consistently delivers exciting matches and high-level competition. The tournament is known for its professionalism and ability to attract top talent.

Why Watch?

  • Consistency: Regular events mean there’s always something to watch.
  • Professionalism: StarLadder is known for its well-organized tournaments.
  • Elite competition: The series regularly features top teams and players.

10. CS2 Tournament

For those looking to stay updated with all ongoing and upcoming CS2 tournaments, the CS2 tournament page is an invaluable resource. It provides detailed information on various tournaments, helping fans keep track of their favorite events and teams.

Why Watch?

  • Comprehensive coverage: The page covers a wide range of tournaments.
  • Up-to-date information: Stay informed about current and upcoming events.
  • Easy access: Quickly find details about your favorite tournaments and teams.


Counter-Strike 2’s competitive scene is thriving, with numerous tournaments offering thrilling matches and high-stakes action. From established events like the ESL Pro League and PGL Major to emerging tournaments like Funspark ULTI, there’s no shortage of exciting CS2 action to watch. Whether you’re a seasoned fan or new to the game, these tournaments provide the best CS2 has to offer. Make sure to follow the CS2 tournament page for all the latest updates and never miss a moment of the action.

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