Channel 5 app not working – How to fix My5

The Channel 5 app, officially known as ‘My5’, is Channel 5’s answer to BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and All 4 in the sense that it is Channel 5’s streaming service for watching shows live or on demand on your mobile device.

Although Channel 5 isn’t as popular as the aforementioned television stations, it is home to shows such as Neighbours, Wentworth Prison and Home and Away.

Plus, it doesn’t have some of the All 4 issues like other apps, but it’s not perfect. For fans of these shows, there’s nothing worse than finding the Channel 5 app not working.

There is usually a simple way to fix the problem and get the Channel 5 app back up and running and we are going to run through various fixes in this article. Luckily, you don’t need to be a tech wizard for any of the most common fixes so you should be able to get back to watching your favourite Channel 5 shows in no time.

Channel 5 app not working – The quick fix

The most common cause of the Channel 5 app not working is a loading issue which essentially forces the app to freeze and close itself down.

To get around this issue you will need to try one of the following two fixes (or maybe both if option 1 isn’t a success):

  1. Close the app down and reload. A common mistake people make on all smart phones is assuming that clicking off the app means that the app has been closed down. To fully close an app down, on an iOS device at least, you need to swipe up on the home screen which should reveal all the apps you currently have open (it may shock you to see how many there are) and then swipe up on the app(s) you want to fully shut down. This reset should solve the loading issue but if it doesn’t then:
  2. Delete the app and reinstall it. This may seem like a ridiculous thing to do in this day and age but technology isn’t bullet proof and sometimes you do need to simply wipe something from existence and then reinstall it. To do this on your iOS device then hold on to the the My5 app icon your home screen and then click ‘remove app’. Then head over to the app store, search ‘My5’ and then hit the download button.

There are some other reasons why the Channel 5 app might not work but luckily they all have quick fixes too. Let’s run through a few of them now.

Check your connection

As with all streaming services, you need a strong and secure internet connection for the app to function properly.

If you are trying to access the app via a Wi-Fi connection then make sure you have your Wi-Fi button turned on in your phone’s setting and have ticked the correct Wi-Fi connection.

If you are trying to connect via mobile data then the process is much the shame except you have to make sure the mobile data button is switched on and the Wi-Fi button is switched. This will stop your phone from trying to connect to Wi-Fi services and will just concentrate on a 3G, 4G or 5G connection.

It’s worth noting that streaming videos using mobile data can drain your usage and can sometimes incur costs. Check with your phone provider before proceeding with this option.

If you don’t have a good signal or a solid Wi-Fi connection then unfortunately the Channel 5 app is of no use to you. With no signal, you may find my5 not working on your device.

App updates

Another reason why the Channel 5 app might not be working is because you might be trying to run the app on an old version that is full of bugs.

To ensure that your Channel 5 app is up to date on an iOS device then head over to the settings app, scroll down to ‘App Store’ and make sure ‘App Updates’ is ticked underneath the ‘Automatic Downloads’ sub heading. This will ensure that all your apps are regularly updated.

One stumbling block with this may be if you run out of storage on your device. To keep tabs on your storage head over to the settings app again, select ‘General’ and then ‘iPhone Storage’.

You will then see how much storage space you have left and can delete any apps that you don’t use to ensure that all of your apps are capable of being regularly updated.


As you can see there are a number of different reasons as to why you might be having problems connecting to the Channel 5 app.

We hope that the solutions we have provided here are enough to resolve the issues you may be having with the my5 app and streaming service. If not, it might be worth contacting Channel 5 directly to see if they can resolve the issue.

If you are having issues with any other apps then check out the rest of our site for further troubleshooting help.

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