Can you have two Discord accounts on iPhone?

Discord is a well-known platform for messaging and voice-chatting with other users. Discord has its own website, as well as its own application. The application can be installed from their website on both Desktop and Mobile devices.

In order to use the Discord app, you must first log into your Discord account. Some users like having multiple accounts for one platform, especially in regards to social platforms. You may wish to have an account for work, as well as a more personal account for casual interactions.

You can create more than one Discord account as long as you use a different email for each account. Usually, you can only be active on one account at a time.

This can be fairly frustrating if you require frequent access to multiple accounts. Fortunately, there are ways to have two accounts active simultaneously. We’ll be mainly focusing on achieving this on iPhone.

Can you have two Discord accounts on iPhone?

Yes, you can have two Discord accounts on iPhone. However, there is no easy or quick way of switching between these accounts on one device. In order to change accounts, you’ll have to log out of one account and into the other.

Fortunately, there are ways around this dilemma. You can use one Discord account on the Discord app, and be logged into your other account in Safari. If you don’t already have the Discord app installed, you can find it in the App Store.

Open the App Store, and search for ‘Discord’ using the search bar. The Discord app should be the top result.

Press the ‘install’ option for the Discord app to download it. Once the app has been downloaded, launch it. Log into one of your Discord accounts on the app.

Next, open Safari. You can access it from your taskbar near the bottom of the screen. Press the compass icon to launch Safari.

After you’ve opened Safari, go to This should take you to Discord’s login page. Log into your other Discord account.

Alternatively, you can use Safari to log into multiple accounts by using private browsing. Open Safari and press the tabs icon in the lower right.

Then, press the downwards-facing arrow near the bottom of the screen. Select ‘private’ to enter private browsing mode.

Press the plus icon in the bottom left to add a private tab. Go to and log into one of your Discord accounts.

Then, add another tab and go to Discord’s login page once more. Log into your other Discord account. This way, you can quickly switch between accounts by switching between tabs.

Third party apps

On the other hand, another potential option is that you could download a third-party browser from the App Store and log into one of your Discord accounts on there.

Then, you can log into your other Discord account on the Discord app, or on Safari. Examples of third-party browsers you can install include Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge.

After you leave your Discord alone for 5 or 10 minutes, your accounts will automatically switching into idle mode (check here if you’re not sure what idle means on Discord).

However, even if you leave your account for 10 minutes and log into Discord via another app, you’ll still stay logged in within the Discord app too.


In conclusion, you can have two Discord accounts on iPhone. There is no in-built function for switching between accounts on Discord, but there are ways around this that allow you to use multiple Discord accounts pretty much at the same time.

You can log into one account on the Discord app, and log into the other on Safari. Or, you could use private browsing and log into both accounts on Safari. Or, you can just switch accounts and use your other Discord login in a completely different browser.

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