Can I Put Sky Go on My Smart TV?

Living in an era defined by the comfort of digital convenience, the television has evolved from a simple entertainment medium into a sophisticated hub of multimedia.

Among the numerous streaming services available today, Sky Go stands out for its rich content offering. Many smart TV users frequently ask, ‘can I put Sky Go on my smart TV?‘ The answer is a resounding yes, and we’ll illustrate the how-to in this comprehensive guide.

What is Sky Go?

Sky Go is a leading digital television service, providing an abundance of live and on-demand content.

Ranging from the latest movies, TV shows, and sports events to a myriad of channels, it offers an immersive experience. It’s a perfect choice for those wanting to keep entertainment at their fingertips.

Why Put Sky Go on Your Smart TV?

Having Sky Go on your smart TV equates to unlocking an entirely new realm of entertainment.

It transforms your smart TV into a dynamic content powerhouse, where prime-time shows, movies, and live sports are always a click away.

By integrating Sky Go, you’re combining the comfort of your home cinema with the flexibility and variety of the digital streaming universe.

Prerequisites for Installing Sky Go on Your Smart TV

Before diving into the installation process, we must ascertain the prerequisites. First and foremost, your smart TV must have an Internet connection.

Secondly, Sky Go requires a subscription to access its content. Make sure to choose the right subscription plan that aligns with your preferences and needs.

The Process: Installing Sky Go on Your Smart TV

The installation process depends on the type of smart TV you own. The following sections elaborate on the steps for different smart TV platforms.

Installing Sky Go on Android Smart TVs

For those who own an Android smart TV, the Google Play Store is your one-stop-shop. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the Google Play Store app on your Android TV.
  2. In the search bar, type ‘Sky Go‘ and press enter.
  3. Click on the app icon and select ‘Install‘.
  4. Once installed, open the app and sign in using your Sky Go account details.

Installing Sky Go on Samsung Smart TVs

Samsung Smart TVs, equipped with the Tizen OS, have their own dedicated app store. Here’s how to install Sky Go:

  1. Access the Smart Hub on your Samsung TV.
  2. Select the ‘Apps’ category.
  3. Search for ‘Sky Go‘ in the search bar.
  4. Select the Sky Go app and click ‘Install‘.
  5. Upon successful installation, launch the app and sign in with your Sky Go credentials.

Installing Sky Go on LG Smart TVs

LG Smart TVs operate on webOS, offering a slightly different process:

  1. Press the ‘Home’ button on your remote and go to the LG Content Store.
  2. Look for ‘Sky Go‘ using the search function.
  3. Select the app and hit the ‘Install‘ button.
  4. Once the app is installed, you can open it and log in using your Sky Go account.

For Other Smart TV Brands

For other brands not directly supporting Sky Go, a workaround involves using an HDMI cable or casting device like Chromecast. Connect your PC or laptop to your smart TV and stream Sky Go via your computer.

Conclusion: Your Smart TV, Elevated

So, the answer to ‘can I put Sky Go on my smart TV‘ is a definite yes.

With some simple steps, you can transform your smart TV into a full-fledged entertainment powerhouse. Now, the world of Sky Go is ready for you to explore on the grand canvas of your smart TV.


1. Can I use Sky Go on multiple smart TVs?
Yes, Sky Go allows multiple device access, though the number depends on your subscription plan.

2. Is there any additional cost for installing Sky Go on my smart TV?
No, installing Sky Go on your smart TV is part of your Sky subscription.

3. What should I do if Sky Go doesn’t work on my smart TV?
Ensure your Internet connection is stable. If problems persist, reinstall the app or contact Sky customer service.

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