Best translation apps to use instead of Google Translate

Travelling to another country can be challenging, and using a good translating application can be the difference between effectively communicating with others and not.

But there are plenty of different apps that you can download. We’re going to look at a few of the best translation apps that are worth considering when you want to quickly translate another language.

Best translation app for conversation: Speak and Translate

When it comes to translation apps that you can use on the spot, Speak & Translate Premium offers great options for conversational translations.

The app offers both text and voice translations within the app, which can help you to overcome any language barrier or obstacle that you might face.

The Speak and Translate app also has an offline mode that you can use too, which is extremely useful when you’re abroad without a mobile data plan or internet connection nearby.

You can try using the free app on your device first, which will let you know whether it’s right for you, or whether other apps would give you much better value.

With over 100 different language options available, Speak and Translate provides the best translation experience.


Another great app that can allow you to get your voice translated is SayHi, which is extremely easy to use and actually pretty accurate too.

The app allows you to record the sounds and translate them to the languages of the choice, with over 100 languages to choose from.

The app will automatically translate into the language of your choice, and it works best when speaking clearly into the speaker – this is always the case for speech translations.

You can choose between a female or male voice when you translate, and you have the ability to adjust the speed accordingly.

SayHi is an excellent conversational translator app, and if you use it properly, you can help you carry out conversations in foreign languages with ease.

Although SayHi focuses on talking translation via voice, it also offers translations via text or images as well, which can also come in handy.

Waygo – Best for Chinese

Waygo is the best app if you’re looking to learn and translate from Chinese to English.

The app is only translated into English from Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Chinese. But, this app is an excellent way of translating foreign menus into English.

Food lovers will find Waygo extremely useful, as there’s an option to enter food picture mode – this can allow you to translate menu items, which can help you to understand what you’re planning on ordering.

There is a Basic version of Waygo that contains 10 free translations per day, however you can easily upgrade to the premium version once you feel confident using the app.

And for major Asian languages, Waygo is probably going to be your best bet when it comes to difficult translations.

DeepL – Best for text translation

Is DeepL better than Google Translate? Well, when it comes to translating text, DeepL is undoubtedly one of the best translation apps on the market.

DeepL is considered to be a more accurate version of Google Translate. When you make regular translations between languages, Google Translate will work temporarily for short, basic phrases.

However when you get to the more advanced stuff, this is where the Google Translate app will start to struggle.

DeepL will create better, more natural translations in comparison to Translate, which really struggles when it comes to word flow and full sentences.

The only downside of DeepL is that it’s only available for the major language options, and there’s nothing there for translating more complex languages.

However, if you simply want to translate a document from English into Spanish, DeppL is one of the best choices when it comes to text translations.

Google Translate – For The Basics

There are still some reasons to use Google Translate when looking to translate from one language to another.

The Google Translate app lets you translate over 108 languages by entering words or sentences into the platform – this is amongst the most of any translation app.

You also have the ability to create a camera translation with the Google Translate app too. This means that you can easily point your camera at text on a page and get a quick translation into your chosen language.

Of course, as mentioned Google Translate can struggle with longer text and translations. But, it’s still good to have, even if it’s just as a failsafe if your other translation apps don’t work.

Common Questions about Translation Apps

Can you make Siri translate?

You can ask Siri to translate into other languages for you, though the Siri app is very limited and only has the ability to translate into other major languages like Spanish and French. You can do this by heading into the Settings on your Siri app. However, Siri is better use as a voice to text app.

What is the easiest language to translate to English?

The easiest languages to translate from and into English are other Germanic languages like German, though it’s also relatively easily to translate into French and Spanish too, as English has many Latin influences through the language.

Can I trust Google Translate?

For short sentence and single words, Google Translate usually works extremely well. However, you can’t trust Google Translate when it comes to longer sentences with added complexity.

Is there a better app than Google Translate?

Google Translate is not a bad choice when it comes to making basic translations. However, it can start to suffer when you try to translate complex sentences within the platform. This is why there are many alternatives to choose from that may provide a better experience than Google Translate.


When traveling abroad, sometimes translation can be essential, whether this is for understand signs or to simply make conversation with the locals.

Fortunately, a good translation app can help you to communicate with others that don’t speak the same language within a short timeframe. And similarly, some translation apps are designed to help you translate written materials.

No matter which you’re looking for, hopefully our quick look at the top translation apps can help you make a decision.

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