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Using a receipt app is increasingly popular among smart shoppers that love saving money and receiving freebies, and a good receipt app can do just that.

However, there’s a few different receipt apps out there to choose from. We’re going to have a quick look at the top receipt scanning apps you need to download if you’re UK based and trying to save some cash.


For shoppers in the UK, this is one of the best receipt scanning app – it has access to all the big supermarkets (like Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury’s) and highstreet shops on-line, as well retail shops too.

The app uses coupons, which means that you must use the exact product on the app for a cashback to get it back.

When a purchase is completed, you must choose what you purchased from the right retailer and get your receipt.

Then, you can simply scan receipts with the app and upload it to the platform.

It’s perfect for money saving, and it’s not uncommon to save a couple hundred quid over the course of a year with CheckoutSmart – not bad for just having to take photos!


GreenJinn is an online app which you can get digital coupons and instant cashback by doing your normal supermarket shop every week.

Though the app started off small, it’s grown massively in size and now has a lot of supermarkets in its inventory.

This means that you’re likely to find something relevant to you within the GreenJinn app- this can be up to 100% cash back on everyday ideas like bread and milk, so it’s definitely worth a download.

Amazon Shopper Panel

Although this is the Amazon Shopper Voucher app, you don’t need to actually shop at Amazon much to use it.

All you need to do is regularly send in your receipts to the Amazon app and you’ll eventually qualify for some cashback in the form of an Amazon voucher.

It’s very easy to use the Amazon Shopper Panel app and if you get an invite, it’s worth spending some time receipt snapping to earn some rewards.


Shoppix is another online receipt service that you can use to turn your receipts into actual cash.

Like the other receipt apps mentioned, you simply upload your receipt to the app and over time you’ll be able to exchange them for tokens and scratch cards.

And those tokens can then be exchanged for either PayPal cash or vouchers for many of your favourite retailers.

There are extra incentives for capturing receipts the next day too, and the regular short surveys will give you credit to exchange for PayPal Cash.

It’s worth downloading if you’re looking for the best receipt apps to save some money.


Another app that may be worth downloading is SnapMyeats – you can simply take a picture of your receipt and upload it to the app to earn money.

The money earned by taking a photo of receipts can be spent when you reach £10 – it’s worth signing up to the app even if you make a lot of small purchases.

At an estimate, a photograph of 15 receipts makes £5 per month. You can then use this to get free breakfasts, snacks, or coffee when shopping in fast food and restaurants.

There are also bonuses and extra bonuses within the app too – SnapMyEats can be accessed via both the App Store and the Play store if you want to download it.


Shopmium is another app that allows you to save money in grocery stores with shopping vouchers.

When buying a product, simply take a picture of your receipt afterwards. After you build up enough credit, you can get paid out into your PayPal account.

If you want an app that you can scroll through and find offers and deals, Shopmium may be worth checking out, as it often has good price offers within the platform.

Common Questions about Receipt Scanning apps

Can you really save money by scanning receipts?

Some receipt scanning apps work extremely well and you can save several hundred pounds across the course of a year by using them. You just need to scan receipts or take a photo of your receipt and upload it to the platform, and every little saving will add up over time.

How do receipt scanning apps make money?

Receipt apps make money by their association with other brands, depending on where you shop and which shopping receipts you use. Each receipt app will have a personal agreement with larger supermarkets that they get a small fee for encouraging you to shop there again.

Is a receipt app safe?

These apps usually only take a small number of private details from you, meaning that they’re no more dangerous than most other apps and accounts you sign up for. Typically, a receipt contains no private information either, so receipt apps are generally considered to be a safe way to earn money when buying food and drink.

How can I get money back from receipts?

First, download one of these apps onto your smartphone or tablet and fill in your details. Some applications require PayPal accounts to pay you out, whilst others offer the option to provide vouchers for you instead of cash. Either way, there are various payment methods that can be used.

Which is the best receipt app for UK customers?

We think every app on this list is worth checking out, though CheckoutSmart and GreenJinn are our favourites for UK users. It usually doesn’t take long to sign up for receipt apps, so it may be worth signing up to one to see if it can save you some money.


Downloading a receipt app is one of the easiest ways to make money out of nothing.

If you regularly scan your receipt, you can earn anywhere between £10 and £200 per month depending on the time of the year you use the app. So, there’s really no reason not to download a receipt app for your smartphone now.

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