At Apps UK we spend most of our time writing helpful articles and reviewing apps – though we only launched in 2021, we have huge aspirations to grow throughout the coming years.

For this reason, on the 11th December 2021, Apps UK has completed the acquisition of

First launched in 2009 as a marketplace for primarily Android applications, grew into one of the best alternatives to the traditional Android Market from Google (Android Market was launched in 2008, and then rebranded into the Play Store a few years later in 2012).

Our plan is to merge the website into Apps UK as the aspirations of both brands are essentially the same.

As well as the marketplace, also had a goal of producing troubleshooting information to help users with their applications – something that we specialise in here at Apps UK.

So, over the coming weeks we plan to merge into our current brand Apps UK and consolidate the information of both brands into one.

Hopefully this will enable us to continue to the work and goals set out to achieve more than a decade ago – give our audience a fair and balanced view of the applications world, with no bias to Android, iOS or any other operating system.

Alex, CEO @ Apps UK

By day he's an engineer and by night (well, evening or very early morning but night sounds way cooler) Alex runs the Apps UK ship. He has a keen interest in language, fitness & especially social media - he is always on the lookout for the next hot platform.

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